Tomorrow, 16.11. from 10: 00 to 13: 30 classes at Private Gymnasium and Economics School Katarina Zrinski, 119 Selska Road starts 15. International Fair of Training Companies and Student Companies.
More than 40 training companies and student companies, more than 200 students from all parts of the country - to the hottest points of the Republic of Croatia and from Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro will participate in this year's Fair.

At the fair, the practical application of the acquired theoretical knowledge is encouraged, and the students are able to apply them on the Fairs as they work in the real business environment through the trainee companies.
As well as interacting with one another, they gain contacts and participate in the experience of intercultural and international co-operation.

With this kind of dual model of education and the encouragement of young people to entrepreneurship, the organizers of the Fair say that they are improving the image of the future Croatian economy and ending with the words "creativity, imagination, orientation and enthusiasm of the students, at every meeting, convince us of what to hope for."