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"Leadership - Effective Business Management" 30. November 2016.

The training is intended for managers and business owners for the development of management and managerial competencies.
"Business Management through Employee Management"; you will learn a task, delegate debts, set employee accountability, employee and manager communications, resolve misunderstandings, workflow planning, measure results, and adapt to new circumstances.
"Presentation Skills" 1. December 2016.
Nervousness and tremor prevent you from sustaining your presentation successfully? Public performances and speech are a source of stress. Come to a course where you'll learn all the secrets of successful presentations, as well as controlling nonverbal gestures at public speaking and many useful tips after which your presentations will be perfect and your participants will enjoy listening to you.
"Management Accounting" 02. December 2016.
From the content of the seminar: Key Financial and Non-Financing Engines and Business Indicators, Financial Risk Assessments, Market Needs and Potentials, Value-Valuation Cost Management, Coverage Analysis, Financial Planning (Budgeting) and Valuation of Investment Decisions.

"How to prepare for an annual talk with employees" 5. December 2016.

In the training you will learn how to prepare and conduct formal periodical conversations with employees that will have a clear impact on your business. In order to raise motivation and employee engagement and better communication within your organization.
"Communication with Heavy Clients and Stress" 7. December 2016.

Do you communicate with hard clients every day? How to maintain calmness and professionalism in speech?

You will learn how to respond to the impulsive behavior of the interlocutor, reduce stress, resolve disagreements, and manage conflicts. Exercise Assertiveness-How to Take For Yourself, Express Your Own Thoughts and Feelings, Emphasize The Effects Of The Severe Behavior Of A Serious Client.

"Effective Delegation and Team Management" 9. December 2016.

Efficient time management is a challenge for every manager, and it is extremely important to learn how to delegate tasks to your team so that managers can focus on strategic management. The goal of the seminar is to learn how to efficiently manage resources (people and time) in order to achieve greater productivity, boost teamwork, and take responsibility for goals within the budget.
"Focus Management - Multitasking Timer" 13. December 2016.

Inability to focus and multitasking reduce effectiveness and are the main cause of stress. It tastes you a lot of information and accumulating tasks. The seminar will present you practical tools for focus, and you will exercise self-confidence, strength and motivation.
"How to Successfully Motivate Your Employees" 15. December 2016.
Many managers lose time and money unnecessarily because they have to "deal with problematic employees" and "fire fires" constantly. After this education, you will learn how to recognize what motivates your employees, what is demotivated, how to improve work performance, prevent conflicts, establish successful business communication and trust in the team, and make decision making easier and faster.
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