On the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance, on Wednesday, 16. November, in 11,00 Hours, in the Old Town Hall, Cyrillic 5, the seventh year in a row, will be held the ceremony of award ceremony Luka Ritz - Violence is not courage.

At the ceremony, the Mayor of the City of Milan Milan Bandic will welcome the present and together with the President of the GSGZ Mr. dr. Sc. Andrija Mikulić, to award the prizes Niki Barić and Nikolini Jelenić.

We remind you, the 'Luka Ritz' Award should have been awarded 12. June, on the seventh anniversary of Luke Ritz's death. It was originally abolished without any explanation from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. After reacting to the public, Minister Šustar apologized and decided that the rewards would still be. Luka Ritz Prize - Violence is not courage given to students of 5. to 8. grades of elementary schools of the City of Zagreb and pupils of 1. to 4. class of high schools of the City of Zagreb, which by their actions have contributed significantly to the affirmation of human rights, to the express tolerance and to the promotion of peace, freedom and equality among their peers.