The story about "New" Horvatinčić's winter terraces on the Flower Square is not flying. It did not take long for the Croatian Chamber of Architects to speak. In order to protect the public interest and improve the craftsmanship of the built space, architects sent an open letter to Milan Mayor Milan Bandic, in which they appeal to Zagreb's public premises to manage transparent procedures. We pass the letter in its entirety:

"Dear Mr. Mayor,
As a representative of more than 3.000 authorized architects, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Chamber of Architects and Chambers of Engineers in Construction and Physical Planning, which grants the Comoros, inter alia, public authority:
- protection of the public interest and interests of third parties,
- the protection and improvement of the Croatian architectural heritage and the quality of the built space,
- care of the quality of work of our members in accordance with the law and the public interest,
and to request the Council of the Regional Council of HKA Zagreb, we are addressing you with the aim of contributing to the preservation of the most precious Croatian national resources - the Croatian space, in this case preserving the integrity and uniqueness of the City of Zagreb.

Faced with increasingly frequent interventions in the tissue of the center of the City of Zagreb, through its realization, it tries to realize and announce the project in its public spaces:
fountain at Radnicka,
The British market - by the already selected bidding solution,
European Square - without a tender being awarded,
the public space behind the Hotel Esplanade and the pedestrian bridge - without a tender being conducted,
Mesnička Street, without a tender being conducted,
Trg Petra Preradovića / Cvjetni trg,
pedestrian walkway, compound of Ban Jelačić Square and Branimirova Street and ...
In a way that does not respect professional principles, legality and procedures, we have been warned openly on behalf of the architectural profession and the public interest on some of the fundamental issues of spatial planning and construction of the City of Zagreb. What about the world's authorities about architecture, its meaning, and space management:

What is Architecture / Town?

Le Corbusier - Architecture is the creation of exciting compositions using rough material. Spirit of the Order, unity of excitement, sense of harmony ...

Mies van der Rohe - Historic buildings are ... A clean expression of their time.

Keeping in mind the city definition given by JJ Rousseau - Houses make a settlement, but citizens make up the city, L. Mumford, in his work City of History, says: The ability to convey representational parts of culture through symbolic forms and human forms is the first sign of the city.

What is the impact of architecture on the quality of life of people?

Aristotle says: People gather in the city to live; they stay there to live a good life.

This Aristotelian thought is indirectly included in the 2013 / 55 / EZ European Parliament and Council Recognition Directive, the act of separating medical profession and architectural profession into a category of specially regulated professions, as a reflection of the concern for the health and quality of life of people.

As a member of the EU, therefore, we can not be indifferent to the importance of the quality of the built environment, nor to question the protection of the accumulated specialty of culture and history of the city, which urban tissue mediates and transfers to its generations, reflecting on all aspects of their lives and opposing their particular or transitory interests. That is why the city is so important and important to all its inhabitants, for which we can not deny the right to participate in expressing a public opinion on important issues of public space.

If we understand the importance of space, who is invited to act? ", Architects finish.