Twenty years have passed since the largest citizen demonstrations for the freedom of media and publicity held by 21. November 1996. at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb. The day before, 20. November, 1996. The Telecommunication Council, under the control of the then government, decided to seize the concession for broadcasting the cult Radio 101, one of the few independent electronic media that critically concerned the authoritarian mode of conduct and violation of civil and media freedoms, . This decision has led to culmination of dissatisfaction and bunta citizens of all political options and ideological commitments.
The magnificent demonstrations, the largest in recent Croatian history, the Conservatory was rescued from the night that night, and thanks to the unprecedented support of domestic and international public, it managed to preserve its ownership and program independence. At the invitation of HHO sent through the radio ether, 120.000 citizens with candle holders gathered at Ban Jelačić Square for the survival of the Stoun and demonstrated the strength and impact of a relatively small media if he truly represents the interests of the citizen, has the right goals and the unwavering will in the struggle for the independence of its editorial policy.
In memory of this event, defending the freedom of all media in Croatia, the weekly Nacional and Croatian Journalists Association, under the media sponsorship of Radio 101, organize a multimedia event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb on Thursday, 24. November The celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Uniform Demonstration begins in 18 Hour with the screening of the film "Independence Day of Radio 101" directed by Vinko Brešan, in the Gorgona Hall. The 20 Hour opens an exhibition of photographs of Ratko Mavara, Janko Belaja, Walter Sirotić and Damil Kalogjera, four of the renowned photographers who recorded their historical moments with their cameras. The exhibition will be opened by the President of the Parliamentary Information and Information Media Committee, Jasen Mesic.

After the screening of the film and the opening of the exhibition, the concert follows. The Old Friends of the Stoun: Cooperative, Edo Maajka, Max Jurcic and Boris Leiner, Tribute to Dino Dvornik and Psihomodo Pop.
The festive celebration to be held by 24. November is foreseen for guests, while the exhibition in the foyer of the Museum of Contemporary Art will be open to citizens of 26. November to 4. December, and the entrance is free.