In the Probative House, IKEA will again sew and learn about urban agriculture

Everyone who wants to find out more about breeding healthy green ingredients at home will be able to do it at a 24 plant plantation plant in the home. November, starting at 18 Hours, at the Probative House IKEA. Entries to the workshop, where Maja Subotić, a designer and urban farmer, will discover participants to make their home easy to navigate in a green oasis that will not only be pleasing to the eye but also contribute to the preservation of the environment, are open on the site / probna_kuca /. To make the application successful, interested citizens should be members of the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program and have the fastest finger due to the limited number of places on the workshop.

In the Probation Home IKEA, a two-week Swedish language workshop is currently being held by the Scandinavian students from the Zagreb Philosophy Faculty. All those who want to learn the word in Swedish and have not been able to sign up for the first workshop, can still do it. Namely, Proof House IKEA will be from 28. November to 09. in December, to re-enter the Swedish language classroom.
A large interest of citizens caused a sewing workshop with Association Kamensko, which was filled in a record time. Just one day after the open registration, the terms for the workshop will be held by 23. November, starting at 17 hours is completed. Workers of the Kamensko Association all those who want to learn sewing and have failed to sign up for the workshops at the Probative House IKEA are inviting them to attend their Open Kamensko Association because of the extended sewing courses held on a regular basis.

The Provisional Trial House IKEA will be the focus of entertainment events for children in the upcoming period. Saturday, 16. November, is reserved for the theme of sustainability that children will get closer to the theater of the puppet factory as part of the HaHa2o show. If your toddler did not sign up for this show on Saturday, 26. November, follows a new title called Miraculous Forest, which will teach children the importance of friendship and the beauty of childhood. After the show, the child's corner will also be taught about gender equality as part of the workshop "My favorite toy".

Experts from Probna kuća IKEA have also prepared a workshop for children to learn how to be responsible for the dog owner and what is needed for proper care of this fur. This workshop will be held in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Trainers and Mobility Schools, 24. November, starting at 18 hours, and is intended for children from four to a year 10.

Applications for these activities for children will be available soon at