Sixth edition of the video / film event MUVI: museums - video - film and the first multimedia and web projects MUVI LAB, will be held 1. and 2. December at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The organizer of the event is the Museum Documentation Center.

The aim of this year's event is the popularization of video / film and multimedia and web projects in museums and related institutions, getting acquainted with the public through film heritage with cultural heritage and museum research and opening dialog between museums and the ICT sector.

On the first day of the event in the film screening section, Croatian experts will be able to get acquainted with the 34 film achievements, as well as the wider cultural public. The screenings will be held in two spaces: Gorgona Hall (21 Film) and Space Extension (34 Films). Visiting projections is free.

Along with the domestic and foreign film programs created mainly by museums, archives, associations, tourist boards, public institutions and artists, viewers are waiting for conversations and meetings with authors, professional filmmakers and museers.
The "Film Stories" are divided into four thematic blocks and are dedicated to heritage, museums, museums, artists, exhibition and exhibition films, ethnological, anthropological and archaeological records, and educational and educational activities.

Attention to the spoils and the two documentaries produced by the Tiflological Museum in Zagreb with theatrical, screenwriting and filmmaking engagement by Eve Kraljević. These are the films The World of Sounds - Branko Jugec and The World of Sounds - Anamarija Hribar, who remembers one of the most successful humanitarian campaigns "Let's hear" realized before the 15 years, through the stories of their actors. On the second day at the Festival of Multimedia and Web Projects MUVI LAB, through nineteen presentations, will be conducted by our museers and their external associates (innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists). You will have the opportunity to get familiar with the recent examples and solutions of the Croatian museum's digital heritage, but also to establish a dialogue with representatives of the ICT sector that is increasingly involved in the development of museum projects.

There will be talk of the applications that were made to show visitors (with the exhibition "Bauhaus - Networking Ideas and Practices" and "In the Sound World") or permanent set-ups of the "Tesla Lab", which displays visitors to the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla information about Tesla, his life, experiments, designs, and inventions) sparked the more active participation; interactive 3D games that want to attract the most interest of very young but playful audiences. Through the 19 Presentation (16 Museum and 3 Heritage Project) you will be able to assure that the digital age in museums is already quite successful.

MUVI 06 is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sports of the City of Zagreb.