He learned who shot a gun a week ago and put an end to the 85-year-old modest Zagreb pensioner, Djordje B, in his apartment on Vladimir Nazor Street. Recall, from the scene of the event, the team of investigators excluded all traces in the hope that they would take them to the innocent killer who, according to the statements of some tenants, fired six hits. The pensioner's life expectancy was found in 22.40 hours.

Police Officers of the Police Administration of Zagreb, the Criminal Police Sector, the General Crime Department, and the 1st Police Station Zagreb have completed criminal investigations over the 54 anniversary because of the established suspicion that at the expense of the 85-year-olds he committed the criminal offense of Serious Murder. It is suspected that 11 is a 2016. in Nazor's street around 17.40 hours, entered the apartment damaged and gunshot wounded an 85-year-old who had died of injuries at the site. After the completion of the criminal investigation, the suspect was brought to the detention unit, while the competent County State Attorney's Office in Zagreb filed criminal charges for the criminal offense of Serious Murder in Art. 111 st. 4 of the Criminal Code.

The body allegedly found his grandson who lives in the adjacent entrance, after a long search. And his neighbors, who heard gunshots five o'clock before the shocking discovery, had no idea that their bloody crime occurred in their building, or rather in the ground floor of their entrance.