The third Musical pot started its engines and from the north of Croatia, from Čakovec, brought "Clone Age". The organizers say the band "locked them in" The Cage "and made their rocky rock songs play acoustically." So in "Cage" located in Sava 160 on Saturday 19. November, starting at 20 hours you can listen to the concert of the indie-rock attraction "Clone Age".

The band was founded ten years ago, but the last two are seriously working on their own material. Behind him have two albums, but only "Fuse" threw the stage lights on them and received numerous positive criticisms of eminent music critics and portals.

The album is downloaded from the songs "Wake me up" and "Addiction" featuring remarkable videos. Robert Kriković (bass, vocals), Adrijano Valpatić (guitar, back vocals), Nenad Rešetar (guitar) and Marko Lajtman (drums), although overcrowded alternative rockers who like loud music, come to Kavez on the Musical Pot to do one of the rare acoustic performances .

The entrance is free and everyone is welcome, and donations in the pot are welcome, from which the total amount goes to the contractors only to support their work.