After the football fans of Dinamo have chosen the name of the Zagreb Lions, the cooperation between Zagreb and Dinamo Zagreb Zoological Gardens continues.

In order to attract the whole family to the Garden, as well as to the Maksimir stadium, it was agreed to visit the Garden for benefits on the other side of the Maksimir road. So everyone who goes to Tuesday, 22. November, buy a Zoo ticket, get a discount of 20 percent at Dinamo Stadium's cashier when buying tickets for 5. round of the Champions League where Dinamo and Lyon meet. The same ticket to the buyer is valid for entry to the Dinamo-Rijeka derby. The first match at the Maksimir stadium will be on Tuesday, 22. November, in 20.45, and the other on Saturday, 3. December, in 15 hours. The one who buys a ticket for the tribe of East will receive a gift scarf for the gift.

"We want Maksimir to become the most popular Zagreb neighborhood for family gatherings. For this, Maksimir really has all the prerequisites: a wonderful city park, a modern zoo, stadium and other sports grounds. This winter in Maksimir will be livelier than ever. On one side of the road Dinamo raises its game, and on the other hand we are preparing a unique adventurous atmosphere in the company of animals, "said Damir Skok, director of the Zoological Gardens of Zagreb.

After the first phase of modernization in the Garden, it enters the central entrance, one from Maksimir Park. The 9 to 16 operating hours are closed, and cash registers are closed an hour earlier - in 15 hours.