Although the program will be 14. the editions of the Zagreb Film Festival end on Sunday, Saturday is the day for the announcement of the winner, award ceremony and closing ceremony, which will commence at 20 hours at Europa cinema.
So we will find the names of the winning achievements from the ZFF competition programs: from the feature and short-term international competition, the "Cockice" program, as well as the "PLUS" and "Again with us" program, and this year will award the audience's best prizes according to the visitor rating.

After winning the winner and awarding ceremony, he will be screening the film "The Sudar" of Canadian director David Cronenberg; this controversial achievement already full of 20 years enjoys a cult status among film-makers, and Zagreb's rendering will boost the performance of the main actress from the film, Deborah Kara Unger, and photography director Peter Suschitzk.

The "Sudar" projection is complemented by the "Kinolektir", a new European cinema program on the canvases of the favorite cinema in Warsaw, 3, bringing about realistic achievements from the anthology of film art.

In Tuškanac cinema, "LUX Film Day" is taking place today: three finalists will be presented to the audience for the "LUX" award, which is awarded annually by the European Parliament for achievements in European cinematography. The 16 Hour Program is an animated achievement that successfully violates all the rules of children's cinematography, "My Life as Tikvica 2" by Claude Barras. The 18 Hour will be screened for the well-known German drama "disguised" in the comedy, "Toni Erdmann", directed by Maren Ade, while 21: 30 will be able to watch the movie that tells the story of a young girl about the beginnings of the Arab Spring, "When I Open My Eyes "Leyle Bouzid.

The "Industry" program on Saturday brings a special attraction - a Masterclass lecture by Tony Grisoni, one of the screenwriters of HBO's popular series "The Young Papa", directed by Italian Sorcerer Paolo Sorrentino. Grisonia is also remembered as a co-creator of several films by the famous Montipayton, Terry Gilliam, including the cult "Fear and Despise in Las Vegas". In his performance at the F22 - New Academic Scene in 15, Grisons will talk about his 25 years of long professional career, with a special focus on scriptwriting engagements in the field of TV production.