The winners of 14 were announced in Europa cinema. Zagreb Film Festival.

The Golden Wheel for best film was awarded to the film "Conflict" by Mohameda Diaba, "Golden Wheel" for the best short film won the British film "Balkon" by Toby Fell-Holden, and the best film in the "Cockice" Dental Tooth "Saša Bana.

The jury also awarded special prizes to each category.

The film of Romanian director Cristi Puiuja "Sieranevada" is the winner of the latest ZFF award, "The Golden Bike", which is best awarded in the "Again with us" program.

Best feature film "PLUS" was awarded the Austrian achievement "One of Us" directed by Stephen Richter, and the HT audience prize won the Israeli-French film "Two Worlds" directed by Maysaloun Hamoud.

The jury of high school students in Zagreb, consisting of Lucija Katarina Šešelj, Maja Oskoruš, Luka Premer, Marta Grubačević, Darija Matagić, decided on the best films from the program "PLUS" intended for young people. The jury awarded the award to the Austrian film "One of Us" directed by Stephen Richter.

"We chose this movie primarily because of its powerful story inspired by true events. The director's slowdown shows the annoyance and nuisance of the young lives that the main characters spend in one place and fall into the dungeons. The end is actually the beginning of a new story in which viewers are the protagonists who choose themselves to make the same decisions as characters in the movie or will act differently, "concluded young people at the jury.

About the winning film "Again with us", the winner of the "Golden Bicycle", was decided by a tripartite jury composed of representatives of professional associations: Tomislav Pavlic, editor (Croatian Society of Filmmakers); Jure Pavlović, director (Society of Croatian Film Directors); and Vanja Sremac, producer (Croatian Association of Producers). They have declared the winner of this program, which is the film "Sieranevada" by renowned Romanian director Cristian Puiu. This is a comedy premiered in Cannes, and in the production of the minor co-producer there was also the Croatian company Spiritus Movens.

About the winners of the category of short feature film and "Cockice" category was decided by a three-member jury composed of: Daina O. Pusić, the director and winner of the "Golden Stroller" in the "Gamble" program 2015 .; Nora el Hourch, the director and winner of the Golden Wheel for Best Short Film 2015 .; and Vanja Kaluđerčić, festival selector.

"Golden Wheel" for the best short feature film was awarded to British film Toby Fell-Holden by Balkan. "Balkon" is a film that immediately captures the attention with its important theme and makes us face our own racial and cultural prejudices.

He uses skillfully impressive imagery and reminds us of the pleasant lightness of human prejudices for which we collectively agree about fictional stories that determine the destinies of individuals, "the jury explains.

A special award for the short film feature film competition was awarded to director Cecilie Ştefănescu's "Ferdinand 13" film.

"Golden Trolley" for the best short film "Cockice" has been awarded to the movie "Dental Tooth" directed by Saša Bana.

"We congratulate the author on the originality and courage he has demonstrated in such a unique and bold manner. Inadvertently leading us through a dreamy series of scenes, we become witness to a family gathering and traumatic event, "the jury points out.

Two special awards were awarded to the "Cockice" program: the films "Med i mlik2o Marko Jukić and" 13 + "Nikice Zdunić.

The winners of the Feature Film Feature category were selected by jury members: Fred Breinersdorfer, writer and producer; Andreas Dresen, director; and Mira Staleva, the deputy of the International Film Festival in Sofia. .
The jury awarded the film "Conflict" by Mohameda Diaba to the film "The Golden Wheel" in the Feature Film Feature category with the following explanation: "This film is a universal story of violence and police terror. In the wave of oppressive heat, in the midst of violent incidents, always in a life-threatening conflict, individuals are confronted with the most diverse political sides and traditions, thus wiping the boundaries between the characters as they all go into the fog of hopelessness. Though it may be ominous enemies, this film celebrates the possibility of collaborating with different people in great film and emotional moments. A very powerful movie, a symbol of the general confusion of the violent political conflicts we face more and more today. "

Special acknowledgments in this category were awarded to the Israeli film "Two Worlds" by Maysaloun Hamoud and the Croatian film "Do not Look at Me" by Hana Jušić.

He is also known for the HT Audience Award winner: it is about the Israeli-French film "The Two Worlds" by director Maysaloun Hamound (also the winner of a special jury award), rated the highest average rating, 5.0.

In a total of nine days, Zagreb's festival fever shows more than a hundred films on six city locations. For the "Golden Wheel", a total of 33 movie titles were made: 13 and 10 short-length internationally-played films, while in the Croatian competition "Cockice" for the Golden Wheel they competed with the 10 shorts.

14. the "Zagreb Film Festival" has attracted a record number of guests - even 200's; from Finland came director and actress from film "The happiest day in the life of Ollija Mäkija", Jugo Kousmanen and Oon Airola, the famous Romanian director Cristi Puiu (who presented his new film "Sieranevada"), director of the movie "King of Belgians" Jessica Woodworth the main actor from the film, Peter Van den Begin.

On the "ZFF" were also guest stars of Hana Jušić and "Trampolin" by Catherine Zrinka Matijević, as well as the teams of films produced in the Croatian co-production - "Oslobodjenje Skoplja" by Rade and Danilo Šerbedžija and "House of Others "Rusudan Glurjidze. Among the festival guests were also the director of the film "Name: Dobrica, Surname: Unknown", Srđan Penezić, and part of the acting film crew: Slavko Štimac, Bogdan Diklić and Hana Selimović.

The "Industry" program hosted a number of professionals from the film world, including renowned screenwriter Tony Grisoni, one of the scriptwriters of the popular HBO "Young Papa" series, HBO's Steve Matthews and Gabor Krigler, as well as several European officials and director of national film funds who participated in the event entitled "This is what we are doing!", marking the 25 years of the existence of the "MEDIA" sub-program: the LUX coordinator and the former member of the European Parliament Doris Pack, Niombo Lomba from the European Commission, Isabel Castro from Eurimages and others.

Although the official competition part of the festival is closed on Saturday, visitors will be able to enjoy the movie titles on Sundays, including 20. November at the "Europa", "Tuškanac" cinema and at the "Museum of Contemporary Art". But even after the end of the "ZFF", several festival titles will continue to appear in other Croatian cities. After the Rijeka Art Cinema Croatia and the Karaman Split Music Festival, the ZFF program will be held in the "Cultural Center of Čakovec" (21, 22, 11, 27.11 and 29.11), the "Gallery" in Varaždin (18.11. - 20.11.) And Samobor (1.12. - 4.12.). Hana Jušić's award-winning film, "Do not look at me," has also started off in the official home-based distribution as well as Tom Ford's "Nightlife" these days.

The retrospective of Andreas Dresden began last Saturday with the screening of the film "Cloud 9": every Wednesday (December 14 December) at the "Goethe-Institut" in 18 hours will feature a feature feature of this renowned German director.