This year, the "Committee for Tumors of the Department of Medical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts" and the Foundation "Oncology" organize at the Palace "HAZU" a scientific meeting on prostate cancer on Friday, 25. November from 9-15 hours.

Program 4. a scientific meeting of "Prostate Cancer" is devoted to novelties in diagnosing and prostate cancer therapy. It is composed of eleven lectures deployed in two thematic blocks. For the end of the program, the patient's views were discussed, including urologists, pathologists and clinical oncologists.

In addition to lectures on two thematic blocks and patient outcomes, this year's program and two satellite symposiums dealing with a comparative assessment of the effects of abirateron and enzimactomy therapy in patients with metastatic cancer-related prostate cancer-free chemotherapy, and experiences in treating cabazitaxel in Croatia.
Lecturers in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy, as well as participants in the discussion of the patient's case, are leading Croatian experts in this field of oncology.