It is almost unimaginable that the Đurđevac is rapidly preparing for the arrival of the Danish camel, intended for "an important role in advent events", and which have already arrived in the meantime! Although "Animal Friends" says that everything sounds like a bad joke on a satirical portal, it is a shocking fact that the Tourist Board of the town of Đurđevac really plans to use the camels first to use "the kings of Gašpar, Melkari and Baltazar to go to the stairs in a gift to little Jesus" and then they will figure out how to use them for new tourist attractions. Announced organized caravans in Podravina desert areas.

The "Animal Friends" Association, about the idea of ​​buying a camel, appealed four months ago to the mayor of Đurđevac Željko Lacković to reconsider such a illogical decision. "Animal Friends" warned that the purchase of camel, in addition to ethical inadmissibility and breach of the law, would mean long-term purchase costs, transportation, zoo costs, and lifelong support of camels, the average life expectancy between 40 and 50 years. Apart from the exterior appearance and imitation of the sandy climate, the town of Đurđevac does not meet the conditions of the desert climate, which does not guarantee an indigenous living environment.

By using camel in the announced performances during Advent events, Djurdjevac will knowingly violate the Animal Protection Act prohibiting the keeping of wild animals and their use in circus and other animal performances. The same law as domestic animals is defined as "animals that have been mown and farmed and bred for the production of food, feed and animal by-products and other economic purposes". It follows that the camel in Croatia is a wild animal, so the City of Đurđevac sends a message to the public that not only does not care about the implementation of the Animal Protection Act but plans and violates it!

Therefore, "Animal Friends" submitted their application to the Veterinary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Agriculture and asked for an explanation of the regulations that allows a Croatian town to adopt special rules for dealing with animals from the rest of Croatia.

According to the announcement of the illegal use of camel in citizens' performances, it is also the Tourist Board's reference to build a camel's residence and bring lots of sand. It seems that the leadership of the city has not been told that the keeping of camels in captivity requires the construction of a registered zoo according to all standards, European directives and Croatian laws, and it is questionable itself to satisfy the conditions and cost-effectiveness. All this requires an extraordinary long-term investment and maintenance, ie it requires unnecessary spending of citizens money of the city of Đurđevac.

Animal Friends have suggested to the mayor that it is more logical to invest money in the construction of a shelter, since the town of Đurđevac still does not fulfill all legal obligations. It is the responsibility of the local self-government unit to set up a shelter and launch all the programs that are essential for its proper functioning, such as advertising, homemaking, animal castration and citizen education. Animal Friends have already offered to the Mayor co-operation with the aim of helping animals and saving the money of citizens of Đurđevac, but they have not received any response.

The representative of the Tourist Board said in the media that there were objections to why the camels were brought to Podravina, where they are not native animals, but that they used the Ottomans as cargo animals. Recalling the backward practice of the past centuries as a justification for bringing camel to climate and geography for inadequate conditions, much talk about the ethics and civilization of this initiative.

Animals that are forced to serve as massive fun are kept in captivity that is often crammed for their needs and away from their natural habitats, and often have psychotic and self-destructive behaviors called zoohos. Despite the obvious benefits of veterinary care and regular meals, stress caused by captivity weakens and the immune system of animals.

Animal Friends invite the Mayor and the Tourist Board of Đurđevac to build a tourist offer of the city on progressive values ​​without exploiting and imprisoning animals.