HSS President Krešo Beljak, Image Source: Facebook

While many current and former HSS heads to the president of this party, Kreš Beljak, are complaining about everything, primarily turning left and leaving the parliamentary opposition, his former co-workers for him today have no praise. They supported him, says a source close to the leadership of the party, on the way to the top position in the HSS, and now they are disturbed because they believe the party has gone the wrong way. It has made it so hard for you not to use all means to cripple dissatisfaction - from the suspension of individual members through the dissolution of party organizations to open threats. It all went so far as to interfere with the police, our source claims, and confirms that in the police.

From a reliable source in the MUP, we find that several members of the HSS were invited to an informal conversation regarding the pronounced threats by Bega Beljak. Threats have been voiced to head of Zagreb's HSS organization Nenad Matić as the only Beljak's anti-candidate in the forthcoming HNS intra-party elections scheduled for 14. January next year.

In our conversation with our source in the HSS, we learned that there is tremendous pressure on members and party organizations who were banned from being with the present president or who stayed with Matić. There is also the possibility that Matić will resign from the candidacy due to the enormous pressure he is facing and almost everyday threats, while another Beljak's counter-candidate mentions the parliamentary representative Ana-Marija Petin supported by Slavonian organizations.

President of HSS Zagreb City Council Nenad Matic, Image Source: Facebook

According to our sources, HSS is in a difficult time, and with the main advisor of Kreš Beljak, who comes from the ranks of the former intelligence community (Damir Amižić, op.a.), expect a complete loss of identity of the old 112 party. year.

That he would chase him, throw him out of the party and destroy his political career - several times Beljak said directly to Matić, and he repeatedly said to others about him, he conveyed to us our source. The only "guilty" of the head of a Zagreb organization threatened with dissolution is the candidacy in the upcoming elections, but it would not be surprising that Beljak was all pronounced and acted in the same way as he was counting on ever-increasing dissatisfaction - suspended some hundred respectable members of the HSS , including European Parliamentarian Marijan Petir, broke out numerous party organizations, such as Zadar, Sibenik, Sisak-Moslavina, Bjelovar-Bilogora or Koprivnica-Križevci.

If we are not a party rather than a company - what Beljak is doing for us is pure mobbing, the right offensive abuse, clarifies our source that for now wants to remain anonymous. He says he fears for his existence, because what Nenadu Matic or Marijan Petir is doing today can happen tomorrow, because only the President of the party and the Mayor of Samobor dared to say that the party had gone in the wrong direction. He also adds that Beljaka is guilty of a lawsuit for mobbing at work, which is enough to talk about his mood, so it does not surprise, he says, his behavior toward party colleagues and friends.