"Cultural Center Baraka" 28.11. in 20: 00 Hours on "Vidre" Scenes in Draskovic's 80, is a controversial show of "Concrete Mahogany".

Ticket price is 50 kuna, and for students, students and pensioners 30 kuna.

The presentation was directed by Branislav Trifunović and Rifat Rifatovic, as well as in the text and in the performance of young novelist actors. This ingenious love bud in the home of New Pazar is forbidden by political powers, they say in "Cultural Center Baraka".

The creative team of young artists was exposed to the attacks and pressures of various political options that were not satisfied with the objective presentation of the situation in the city, as the play was perceived as a direct criticism of their work.
On the occasion of the upcoming performance in Zagreb, Branislav Trifunović said:

"The public's reactions are mostly the same, in any city we have been to. This is the story of all of us, not just "those" coming from New Bazaar, because it deals with the typical problem that all the countries in the region are facing. The performance of Beton Mahala does not belong to either the left or right side of the politically oriented; she is something third. The third topic has life, not coexistence. The theater needs to be more engaged and courageous because no forum, no lecture or even a single text can have such an impact on young people, such as this can have a live contact with their generation that speaks their personal stories to a very exciting and a specific way ", concludes the director of" Concrete mahale ".

Numerous artists from the Balkans have felt the need to express their opinions about "Beton Mahali". So, actor Sergey Trifunovic said after the first performance:
"Cela Serbia is" Beton Mahala ". This is not just about life in Novi Pazar, it is made of people living in Novi Pazar. The problem they face, which is, among other things, national, is one of the problems that is deeply rooted and widespread everywhere. All of us are fed to some ultra-virtuousness, as if that kind of ethnic cleansing brings us happiness. Now that only Serbs live in Serbia and in Croatia only Croats, both Serbs and Croats would have the same number of problems they now have, so whether a person with a surname or a different name is absolutely irrelevant. Unfortunately, we have to collide with this as we live in the Middle Ages, but as long as we have such brains, we will live in the Middle Ages, "concluded the most wanted Serbian actor.

So far, the show was performed in Novi Pazar, Belgrade (9 times), Sarajevo (3 times), Novi Sad, Kotor, Sombor, Kragujevac, Užice, Kolašin, Kočanima (Macedonia), Požega, Dimitrovgrad, Aleksinac, Rumi, Bačka Topoli, and the show team is sure that the list of "concrete cities" will be expanded.

The "Beton Mahala" performance was proclaimed for the best performance on 51. dramatic amateur festival in Kočani, Macedonia, and won the "Grand Prix".

In the play by Džana Ljajić, Ema Muratović, Ajtana Dražanin, Draga Kostić, Lejla Bučan, Amar Ćorović, Nedim Nezirović and Petar Kostić.

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