Ana Rukavina Foundation and this year on Friday, 25. November of the 10 to 18 hours in the premises of the Foundation (Mislav 10 / I Headquarters) in Zagreb to hold the "Open Heart Day".

All citizens who want to learn more about the action of the Ana Rukavina Foundation can join the "Open Heart Day" which is held this year on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Anina's early departure and work of the Foundation.
As part of the Day of the Open Hearts, an entry into the Croatian Registry of voluntary blood donor stem cell donors will be held, which can be joined by all healthy citizens from 18 to 40 years. Among the newcomers there will be members of the rock group "Fire", which will be held at noon and shorter performances and thus contribute to marking the tenth anniversary of the work of the Foundation.

The enrollment process consists of filling in the application form and the health questionnaire and the provision of a blood sample for HLA typing to determine tissue susceptibility antigens. If HLA compatibility with a person is established, we can help heal it.

The importance of enrolling in the Croatian Register and the operation of the public "Ana Rukavina's Blood Bank" will be open to all interested citizens as well as doctors who will be available during the course of the action.
Thanks to numerous donors and donors, the Croatian Registry, which is part of the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide, today counts 52.577 potential donors of bloodstream stem cells, of which 50.764 samples were typed and donors from the Croatian Registry gave life to 64 patients from Croatia and abroad.