The 14th anniversary of the Human Rights Film Festival through a series of film productions will encourage the local public to think and act. 14. "HRFF", a festival of engaging and authoring films will be held by 5. to 11. December in the cinema "Europa" and the Multimedia Center "Student Center" in Zagreb and from 8. to 12. December 2016. in the Rijeka Art Cinema "Croatia".

The main film program includes 30 feature films and documentaries of the recent world production, and will enable the audience at "HRFF" to have a chance to watch some of the most interesting and most talked about movies of the year. This year's novelty of the festival is to present the program at another location, more precisely to return to the "Student Center" area (where the Festival was held for the first few years), a recently digitized Multimedia Center that represents an ideal and adequate location for the experimental documentary program.

This year's festival edition deals with current social and general topics: refugees and refugee crisis (Philip Scheffner's "Havarija", "Ta'ang" of Wanga Bing, "The Sun, the Sun Blinded Me" Anke & Wilhelm Sasnala), facing the past ("Egzil" Rithyja Panha ("Austerlitz" Sergei Loznice, "Neruda" Pabla Larraine) and women's rights, or women's views on issues of race, poverty, gentrification (Angela Schanelec's "Like-like Way", "Illinois Tales" Deborah Stratman, "In short," Natalie Bookchin, "Some Women" Kelly Reichardt).

"HRFF" continues to follow and support the work of leading world-hired authors, and accordingly includes the latest developments by Lava Diaz, Wanga Bing, Pabla Larrain - one of the goals of the festival is certainly continuity in the presentation of the works of the best world authors the representation of the aforementioned directors in the past few years in the festival program. The aforementioned authors this year at the world's biggest festivals, as well as critics and audiences, are finally recognized and recognized as leading sineas of world-renowned cinematography and besides these, there are also new films by the "old guests" of the Festival: Sergei Loznice, Joachim Lafosse, Ira Sachs, Rithyja Panha, Alberta Serrae.

The renowned Chilean director Pablo Larrain this year presents the film "Neruda" that follows the political path of the famous poet. At the end of the 40 years of the last century, Neruda experienced the pinnacle of literary and social careers. This Nobel Prize winner for Literature, following the election of President Gonzalez Videle, joins the Chilean parliament as a Senator on the Communist list. After accusing the government of issuing the Communist Party, he was deprived of his mandate and sentenced his arrest warrant. His arrest was taken over by then Chief of Chilean police Oscar Peluchonneau (Gael Garcia Bernal), and Neruda and his wife are trying to leave the country, which eventually ends up in hand. In Paris, Neruda eventually becomes a literary legend and a symbol of freedom. The film is a Chilean candidate for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Wang Bing is the most prominent Chinese documentary of the last decade, and this year's festival edition brings his last two hymns: "Ta'ang" and "Gorge Wages" that talk about migration. "Ta'ang" portrays a portrait of violent migration that had to pass through the escalating civil war in the mountainous regions of Myanmar and China. In the "Wage Wage" award, the Orizzonti Prize for the Best Screenplay at this year's Venetian Mostre, is the protagonist of migrants who arrive in a big city in eastern China in search of a better life; but instead of realizing a dream about a better future, they are awaiting extremely bad living conditions and introducing them in a violent and tyrannical relationship. Bing's work at HRFF has so far been presented through the films "The Father and the Son" 2014. and "Three Sisters" 2012.

"Children of the Storm, the Book of the First" is a documentary film by Philippine author Lava Diaza, focusing on the devastating consequences of the catastrophic typhoon "Haiyan" on the Filipino island of Tacloban. The mentioned typhoon caused the deaths of seven thousand people, and several months after the accident, Diaz visited the accident site and recorded the lives of those children. Lav Diaz is one of the most interesting directors of contemporary film, who has been enjoying a cult status for filmmakers for years and acknowledgment with international professions and wider public has been awarded for a few recent productions (his latest film, "A Woman Who's Moved", won this year's Golden Lion in Venice, and "From the Time Preceded" by 2014, the Golden Leopard in Locarno).

In addition to the film program, the accompanying festival program includes a series of discussions, and as in previous years, the festival is realized in cooperation with partners from numerous other human rights organizations as well as state institutions. We particularly emphasize the multi-annual cooperation with the European Parliament's Saharov Prize for Freedom of Thought that is awarded annually by the European Parliament, which will take place this year in the form of the Sakharov Academy.
"Human Rights Film Festival" launched 2002. with the aim of promoting the culture of human rights, organized by the Multimedia Institute and the Association for the Development of Culture "URK".

Enters all projections and accompanying events of 14. Human Rights Film Festival is free.