By opening the nomination procedure, 24 officially started. edition of the Music Prize "Porin".

Release announcements for the total 34 category of upcoming "Porin" will last up to 16. December 2016., and refers to the works published in the first 11 months of 2016. Releases released during December will be able to sign up to 6. January 2017. years.

Among the changes introduced this year by the Porin Board, the most important thing is to pop and entertain the music category into one to get a strong "Pop Entertainment" category, while a part of pop music with rock elements is now getting a separate "Pop rock 'category.
Also, responding to the demands of a part of the artist and their publishers, the "Porin" Steering Committee has made a decision that in all categories other than the "Album of the Year" can be applied to albums that have 51% of the material from the last 2 year, election and previous, the recordings must first be released on the album and may only be released as singles or as part of a compilation of various artists.

With the decision of the Board of Directors of "Porina", with record labels, recordings and releases, it is still possible to register authors, performers, journalists and music institutions, thus involving all the members of Croatian music. Following the global trends, "Porin" can also be used to subscribe to editions that are digitally released, provided the footage is legally distributed and meets the minimum professional production standards.

By organizing two "Porin #samoreforms" forums in June and November this year, the Porin Directorate in the public hearing about the music awards included interested music and media professionals. Some of the constructive suggestions offered at the forum have come to their mark in this year's Award rule. "Porin is a living organism, open to all suggestions and initiatives, but its core mission is to continue to give recognition and encouragement of excellence to domestic music creation," said Neven Frangeš, chairman of the "Porina" Board of Directors.