"Smart Cinema", an educational and entertainment program for the youngest in Tuškanac cinema, this Saturday morning introduces a new and successful remake of the Disney classic from 1967. years. After the projection of entertainment for the youngest, she continues in the lobby of the theater with a drama and juggling workshop.

The workshop lasts for 60 minutes and is intended for children from 5 to 10 years, but children of all ages are welcome with compulsory parental guidance. That is how the 11 Hour will be shown on Saturday, "The Jungle Book, USA, 2016." Directed by Jon Favre. This play-animated, family movie follows the original from 1967. which many still consider to be one of the best Disney movies. The amazing real-life animation and the Oscar-based acting team in a spectacular way revive the epic Kipling's story of Mowglija's kid, who was raised by the wolf family and who, with the help of the Panther Bagheer and Baloo bear, wins the king of the jungle by the dangerous tiger Shere Khana. "The Jungle Book" is about friendship, love, loyalty and courage.

Ticket for movie and workshop 20 kuna.
The program was realized in cooperation with the Space of Imagination and the 2I film