Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic is on the facade of the sports hall Kutija Šibica yesterday, and at the initiative of the Slovenian National Council of the City of Zagreb with Iztok's son Borut, he discovered a memorial plaque for the great handball player Iztoku Pucu.

Puc won gold with the Croatian national team at the 1996 Olympics. in Atlantic, world silver from Iceland 1995. and Bronze at the European Championship 1994. in Portugal. With Yugoslavia he won the Olympic 1998 bronze. in South Korea Seoul. He led the Slovenian team to the eighth place at the 2000 Olympics. in Sydney. With Slovenia the greatest success was achieved only a few months before winning the fifth place at the European Championship in Croatia.

Interestingly, Puc performed for three handball teams - the Yugoslav, Croatian and Slovenian - and is the only handball player in history who played at the Olympic Games with three different teams.

The legendary handball player was born in Slovenj Gradec 14. September 1966. He celebrated playing for Slovenian Prule and Celje, Zagreb and Banjaluka Borac.
Left outside with Zagreb won two European 1992 title titles. and 1993 .. We will especially remember his hit German Wallau in the Champions League final. The Germans made five distinctions from Zagreb, and then Puc made a great celebration with the title of the European Champion Zagreb.

The last handball function was performed in the 2002./2003 season. as sports director Prula.

"It is a symbol of handball and above all human kindness and thanks to him," said Mayor Bandic, adding that his pleasure was participating in the ceremony in honor of the top and exemplary athlete who made his best achievements in Croatia.

Although origin is not decisive, it is indisputable that the athlete as well as the medium in which he acts is recognizable. It was exactly with his play and sport life that Iztok Puc confirmed, said Darko Šonc, president of the Council of the Slovenian National Minority of the City of Zagreb.

Tomislav Grahovac, chairman of the Croatian Handball Association, thanked the initiators of this action for highlighting Iztok's character in the lobby where he raised the men to his feet and invited the present handball players to be an example of their behavior towards their opponents and their own team. hr.