The communal line visits the florists

Although his name is Trg Petar Preradovic, the Zagrebs are called by the Cvjetni trg. This name is borne out of ancient times since the sale of flowers on this city's surface in the very heart of Zagreb. But we could soon call it "Terasni trgom" or "Trgom terasa".

Aside from the year-on-year terraces on the Cvjetni Square, they grow larger and larger. The most recent entrepreneur of Tome Horvatinčić, despite the opposition of a large part of Zagreb, city politicians and activists, is slowly rising. But while Horvatinčić, traditionally deaf to everything he donates money, his metal-glass-wooden building, the florists, away from him only twenty-thirty feet away, suddenly have a major nuisance.

Like a hawk, he supervised and visited this communal row this morning as we find out - by direct command of mayor Bandic, forcing them to bring their flowers closer to the kiosks, and finally - to keep them alone within the facilities.

The flowers that have been selling on the Flower Square since ancient times have become overwhelming overnight, and the terraces, which in the metropolis really do not lack, have become something that will soon be built over the bone.

When asked about the terraces, Mayor Bandić first wondered, arguing that he had nothing to do with communal officers just doing their job. Then he added that communal officers are checking if the rules of the game's florist hold lease decisions. "If you keep the rules of the game in the Solution, there will be nothing. But if they do not follow the rules of the game - then it will be. Well, there must be order in the city. Now many tourists will come here, we can not block each other. We have to stick to the rules of the game. I guarantee that no one will remove the square centimeter of the terrace or the flower box if it has not broken the size of the solution. If it is, that my mother is born, she must return to the sizes prescribed by "Bandic said.

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It is interesting, in the end, that the communal order has gone through the valuable ladies selling the flowers for bread, but did not walk to the metal-glass-wooden building of Tome Horvatinčić and checked his terrace within the gabarita, as we were sent last week the source "whispered" that Horvatinčić did not comply with the Rule on setting up the terrace, that is, his provisions that the terraces must be separated from the building by at least 180 centimeters.

The flashlights in front of the camera did not want to. The colors are said to not be driven from the place they depend on if they have anything to eat tomorrow. They do not even know what's happening and why their flowers suddenly bother someone. It seems to them, they say, that in this case the money is more important than a small man, a man who just wants to work peacefully.