After many years of positive trend in reducing the number of deaths in the traffic this year in the Zagreb area has deteriorated, so by the beginning of September almost twice as many deaths were recorded than in the same period last year.

In order to reduce the number and consequences of traffic accidents involving pedestrians, as one of the most vulnerable traffic participants, the 1st police traffic police station Zagreb will today, from the 7 to 15 hours, implement the "Pedestrian Protection" action. The action will focus primarily on driver offenses (Articles 133 - 135 of the Road Traffic Safety Act) and they are invited by the Police Administration in Zagreb to adapt the speed of movement and to pass pedestrians on marked pedestrian crossings, and pedestrians call for the carriageway to cross only for these marked places and respect the green light at the traffic light.

According to the number of traffic accidents, the most endangered roads in the area of ​​the Zagreb Police Administration are Slavonska avenija, Ulica kneza Branimira and Ulica grada Vukovara, while the most endangered intersections of Avenija Dubrovnik and Rotor Remetinec and Slavonska Street and the Croatian Croat community.

The police recall that virtually all of the accidents involving mortally wounded people cause an improper and inadequate driving speed that is often associated with driving with an unacceptable concentration of alcohol in the blood.

In the area of ​​I traffic police station Zagreb during the first ten months of 2016. In 2.827 recorded traffic accidents, 13 was killed and 929 was injured. Of the total number of people killed, we note the pedestrians as traffic participants with the highest number of deaths - 8 or 61,5%.