Milan Bandic's Mayor's decision to remove all "superfluous" flowers from Petar Preradović Square, known as the Flower Square, was disturbed by not only the florists, but also the good part of what the activists were doing. Recall, according to the mayor's order, communal ordering florists at Cvjetni Square ordered to remove flowers from the public area and embed it in a kiosk. The florists argue that municipal officials did not make any decisions on banning or writing punishments but warned them that there was too much flower around the flower shop and that the non-existent law on public surfaces was changed.

In the Facebook group "Zakaj volim Zagreb" comments are lowered: "And so ... I'm going this morning and I'm passing through the Flower Square ... Al 'there is no flowers ... I think I might have been confused ... And I see a sweet young man and I ask him the flowers are gone, and he is sad: "There is a communal and reel that we all have to get rid of it. That may be the mayor. "
"People, what's happening to us in our pretty town? Save Zagreb while it is not too late,
"Who the hell is he now bothering flowers? It's a fountain. "
"Honest government in the city."
"Removing Horvatinčić's terraces and rolling out as much space as possible."
"That man was pretty crazy. Flower without flowers? What does not Remetinec do? And what we are waiting for, let's ... "
"Bu pretvoril Flower Square in Zagreb Fountain Square", are just some of the angry comments of citizens.

The group "Flower for Flowers" also called: "Dragons of Zagreb and dear Zagrepčani, we have to defend the Flower Square from the Mayor, who this time decided to abolish the soul of this square and flowers. Come today to 16 on the Flower Square, leave the flower in the middle of the square and let Bandic say, we want a Flower Square full of flowers, not a terrace!
Let's get the Flowers on the Flower! "They say in a call to the citizens.

Recall, the protest for the Flower Square was pretty - six years ago, Petar Preradović Square was "renamed" by the activist "Green Action" in "Milan Bandic's Victims Square". The board with that name was removed after a few hours, but the prophecy was realized - The Flower Square is now best known for Horvatinčić's cafeteria with a winter terrace that has been granted mysteriously in the last minute.