While the Mayor Bandic visited Yesterday, the mayor of Zagreb, Zagreb HSLS was announced today by Darko Klasić, Zagreb's HSLS Secretary, Dejan Bosak, President of the Tourism Council of GV "HSLS" of the City of Zagreb, Alen Lochert, HSLS "- GČ Donji grad at the crossing of the streets of Petar Berislavić and Ljudevit Gaja. The topic was to rebuild Gale Street and the British Square if it could be faster and whether slow-moving works and traffic stoppers would cause damage to tourism? What did they conclude?

"Today, when the completion of works on Ljudevita Gaja Street and the British Square is nearing completion, it is time to ask if it could be better? Was it due to the wrong assessment of city services and the mayor or for objective reasons the work had to last for so long? Construction work that should be completed in a month unfortunately in the City of Zagreb often lasts for months. Should the priority of carrying out works in the city center due to the financial losses of business entities and the City of Zagreb as well as traffic congestion, should be the speed of the realization of the works. Unfortunately, here we have been witnessing that companies engaged in these activities carried out their activities only for eight hours of work, and usually only during the working week. Is it possible to extend the workload and the length of the works further by vacant the city treasury under the VTR and the running costs? Due to the length of the works on the British Square and Gajeva Street, we would like to publicly announce all the costs, and to make a comparison between the bid amount and the difference between the total amount paid by the City of Zagreb / ​​Zagreb Holding and the Zagreb Roads towards the Contractors.

Zagreb hotel and hospitality companies, as well as craftsmen and businesses operating in Ljudevit Gaja Street and in the British Square, ie Pantovčak and Zelengaj, have suffered significant financial damage due to the blockade of access to their business capacities and the reduced frequency of walkers as well as the removed terraces (fiscal losses have and due to reduced consumption and treasury of the City of Zagreb and RH). Examples of Gaeve Street boutiques, the "As" and "President" hotels near the British, as well as the "Dubrovnik" and "Esplanade" hotels, are a good example of damaged hoteliers and caterers.

Let's remember that the works started in September and it is a miracle that none of the tenants and visitors of the City of Zagreb were affected because the contractors did not adequately secure the construction site. We were witnessing a car crashed by two French guides who followed the gps on the way to the hotel "Dubrovnik". Let's ask what kind of image will the two tourists send to the world? Success in tourism is thorny and we do not jeopardize it unnecessarily.
In the end, if we want to extend the tourist offer of the City of Zagreb it is not good to make a budget proposal for 2017. Zagreb is again without the Congress Center, while the care of tourism development will continue to lead the tourism department. However, we would like to praise that one tourist-cultural attraction such as the IN MUSIC festival finally gained the status of a manifestation of economic interest for the City of Zagreb for 2017, which HSLS has spoken over the last three years, "the city HSLS said.