In crisis situations, children need the greatest help and support. Providing equipment and investing in UNICEF education programs has supported the State Protection and Rescue Administration and the Croatian Red Cross to be more responsive to the needs of mothers and children. The two leading crisis relief institutions now have additional air dehumidifiers, diesel generators, sanitary containers adapted to children and people with disabilities, mobile drinking water tanks, and large areas illuminating floodlights. Value of purchased equipment and education exceeds one million kunas.

The aim of cooperation with both institutions is to raise their readiness to respond to children's needs in the event of a humanitarian crisis, such as floods or earthquakes.
"Children are most vulnerable when humanitarian crises occur. It is therefore important to take into account their needs, to strengthen their readiness and knowledge of what to do when a natural disaster or other situation endangers their life and health. Therefore, it is necessary to invest continuously in all the resources that can help the children to survive and recover from humanitarian crises, "said the head of the UNICEF Office for Croatia Valentina Otmačić on this occasion.
"I express my pleasure and gratitude that UNICEF has recognized the State Protection and Rescue Administration as the coordinating body responsible for major disasters and catastrophes, where, when it happens, children are certainly the most vulnerable category. That is why every kind of help to protect children and their health is welcome. Therefore, this UNICEF support in terms of the 15 drainage / dehumidifier is considered a valuable and significant contribution to the process of eliminating the consequences of major accidents and disasters, in this case primarily flooding, with the use of which will naturally accelerate return to their homes, and stay more quality and healthier. Of course, besides material equipment, an important segment in the struggle against natural and techno-technological disasters is raising the awareness of our youngest people through various educational programs and cooperation with UNICEF, and I fully support this segment. I believe that the educational game, which is under preparation, will greatly help children to see the dangers they are threatening to know how to respond more readily to them, "said Jadran Perinic, Head of the State Protection and Rescue Director.
"The Croatian Red Cross, as the largest humanitarian organization in the Republic of Croatia, has a great experience of crisis work and, therefore, we are extremely aware of the exposure of children in such circumstances. Children, especially children with health problems, are vulnerable groups and need our care and in their crises we must pay special attention to the least possible exposure to any harmful effects. Thanks to "UNICEF", our long-term partner, we will be able to take better care of children in crisis situations, and we will help them with their material help, as well as education programs. Namely, education and investment in people are the highest value, and we in the "HCK" are aware of this. That is why this cooperation is particularly rejoiced because we want to provide our children with common strengths and efforts, regardless of the environment and the conditions that they can only be children, "says Robert Markt, Executive Chairman of the Croatian Red Cross.

As part of the cooperation with the State Protection and Rescue Administration, an educational game for children will be presented, which will be presented in the first half of 2017. years. Preventing disaster risk directed at the needs of mothers and children is a new area of ​​cooperation between UNICEF and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The goal of the co-operation is to empower everyone involved in supporting mothers and children to know better to meet the needs of these two vulnerable groups.