Flowers for Florist Florists

The controversial decision by Milan Bandic's Mayor Milan Bandić, which prohibited florists from holding flowers outside the cottage, was welcomed on the night by many citizens, as well as by many politicians who used it as a tool for the upcoming local elections.

"Is the Mayor's Message More Drinking Less Messages Flower Messages for Advent in Zagreb?", So ask "HSLS".

"The branch of the" Lower Town "of the Zagreb organization" HSLS ", prompted by recent events in the center of Zagreb on the Cvjetni Square, wants to point to the continuation of the town's devastation of the Lower Town, which is used by the two criteria in" decorating "the center of Zagreb. Petra Preradović Square is one of the most beautiful Zagreb squares, amongst the Zagrepčani, known as the Flower Square thanks to the beautiful tradition of displaying and selling flowers on it. Just the variety and color of flowers gives Cvjetni Square such a recognizable charm. Of course, Zagreb is famous for its lounges where people meet and meet. Apart from the many recognizations of our city, it is quite unbelievable that the city administration brings about and executes decisions that one segment rises above or at the expense of the other, and ultimately to the detriment of the city and citizens of Zagreb.

Flower Square
Flower Square

The Flower Square is the last example of this kind of treatment, where for the privileged visitors to the retailers, for a number of reasons, unpopular, undisturbed spread on the public surface, while Zagreb's craftsmen-florists make it impossible for the unrestrained business. At the same time, the losers are also the Zagrebers and their guests who in this way make it impossible to use the Flower Square as a recognizable urban space, with its urban life and recognizable charm.

The "Lower Town" branch of the Zagreb organization "HSLS" invites all citizens of the City of Zagreb, especially the inhabitants of Lower Town and those who are among the 60% of citizens who 2013. year did not go to the elections, in May 2017. demonstrate determination to stop this direction of running Zagreb and to elect its representatives in Zagreb's upcoming local elections, which will promote Zagreb with love and care, respecting the Zagreb tradition ", concludes Marijana Bračić, chairman of the Donji grad branch, HSLS Zagreb, Alen Lochert, vice president Branch "Lower Town" and Councilor "HSLS" in the Council of the City District "Lower Town", City of Zagreb.