While Croatian soil is obviously not fruitful for growing fruit and vegetables, we import it as well as meat - it is fruitful for the "breeding" of the abuser. From those family, through animal abusers, to those in the workplace, known as mobsters. Although the statistics do not go in favor of the abused, little by little things move from place to place. Mobbing as a theme, as a problem, is more and more present in society, more and more people are ready to catch up with it, with abusers and their helpers. People are all the more courageous, and despite our judiciary who might be called guilty, they decide to sue the abuser, the more those who publicly talk about their "business" problems. There will be a day when a local powerhouse, a party boycott, a tycoon of suspected property, a narcissist, a psychopath - will no longer be able to do what he wants. Nataša Matošin Grbic, a lawyer from Sisak, also helps.

Hello, start by briefly ...

First of all I am a wife, a daughter, a happy woman, a book author "No, boss" and by acquiring the circumstances I graduated from the law school. It is not easy to answer the question of what I am doing, because I do a lot of work. Most importantly, I would point out that after the live mobbing I wrote a book to raise awareness of the social problem that seems to be becoming more and more represented.

That is why I have decided that it is necessary to make changes, not force, because force is never a solution. I believe that education is the key to every change, so here too. Comprehensive education of employers and workers is needed, and that is what I am trying to do in lectures, workshops, seminars and individual work with clients.

Fight against bullying, you want people to open their eyes because you've felt yourself on your skin yourself?

It's hard to tell what I've been through passing through mobbing. Perhaps it would be easiest to say that I was gradually excluded from the jobs that entered my job description. When you work in such an environment every day, it is normal that you are under stress, to be afraid of failure, lose concentration and will for anything. Such an amount of stress necessarily leads to the onset of various diseases, including me. The phases I went through were changed without a special order, but the longest period lasted for me was the need to be alone. Of course, in such a situation the family is most affected. Unlike the family that was my support, my friends did not understand me. But two important people understood and were there with me all the time. I'm grateful to them.

How do you feel today, do you think you ought to act differently?

I feel great and rancid. In agreement with my husband I broke up the working relationship with the last day of February this year and I celebrate this day as another birthday! I would not change anything except that, looking from this perspective, I had previously sought help from the doctor and had earlier quit.

But do not give up fighting - fight with educated abusers, lectures ... hold workshops ?!

Yes, I devoted myself to education, both employers and so on, because, as I have already said, education is the only way to change. For comparison, today I could not be a lawyer if I did not complete a law school. However, my experienced experience, work in the judiciary and the profession help me to legitimize my way of business in a way.

You've also written a book about mobbing - "No, boss"

Yes, I wrote a book "No, boss." In one of the stages of recovery, I began to write articles and even two portals on their call. I understand that writing is a great therapy. I wrote about various topics, and also the living experience of mobbing. From these texts a book was created. I particularly emphasize that neither the book, nor the education and individual work with the clients, I want to emphasize my individual story, but to make the community aware that there is a social problem with a tendency for growth to be addressed.

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What do you think about our judiciary as a lawyer about mobbing? Why in Croatia NITKO was not legally convicted of mobbing?

First and foremost, it is necessary to distinguish the criminal offense of Illegal Abuse at Work from Litigation for Damage Compensation for Abuse. I personally know what I said in an interview that an indictment for an act of ill-treatment at work was confirmed in one criminal procedure, but the mobber or the abuser during the proceedings died and the proceedings were suspended. For other cases I do not know.

In civil proceedings, there are final judgments, which have given a certain amount of money to compensate the abusive.

The basic problem I see is that it is very difficult to prove abuse. In order for an abusive person to prove abuse, he must prove that the abuser acted intentionally, that the abuse lasted for a long time, that it was frequent that such conduct of the abuser had violated the dignity, the reputation and the health of the abuser. For all, it is necessary to have witnesses as well, and I believe you will agree that it is difficult to expect colleagues to testify in favor of the abuser, and against the employer. Although there are such cases, but they are rare.

And for the end - message, advice to the abused ...

Every case of abuse is individual. I understand the fear of abused people, but I emphasize that health should be in the first place. Because a sick person can not work or provide for existence. You need to be educated and be aware that silence is not the path that will change something.