Zagreb - an entrepreneurial and responsible city, a project of the City Office for the Economy and the City Office for Veterans, has entered the shortlist for the European Enterprise Promotion Award (EEPA) awarded in the European Union already for the 10 years.
The Zagreb 24 project. November at the ceremony in Bratislava, won the second place, just behind Rotterdam's project. The fact that the City of Zagreb has been nominated in the category of Responsible and Inclusive Entrepreneurship is a success for Croatia.
Public Workshop for Long-Term Unemployed Croatian Defenders and Citizens of the City of Zagreb conducted by the City Office for Defenders, as well as a series of other measures and activities of the City Office for Entrepreneurship Promoting Business (Zagreb Connect, Blue Office for Entrepreneurs and Self Employment) resulted in an increase in employment.


The project recognized the network of cities of EUROCITIES by including it among the 12 best examples of European practice in promoting social inclusion through green jobs, and the City this project plans to apply for EU funds for inclusion and other unemployed groups.


EEPA acknowledges successful projects that promote entrepreneurship and small-business development, run by public authorities alone or in a public-private partnership. From then on to today, through projects that have competed at EU level, the founding of new 10.000 companies has been encouraged, reports