At Fashion Week Zagreb / ​​Cro a porteru fashion magazine last night the fashion magazine held one of the most popular domestic designers Marina Lackovic for Larie. In the style of Coco Chanel, presenting himself to the selected audience, Marina has presented her sixth collection in the exclusive, intimate atmosphere for the next spring / summer season.

For Larie creations the interest of many ladies was shown by the arrival of Tamara Garbajs, Petra Kurtele, Ivane Mišerić, Kristine Krepele, Lane Gojak, Jadranka Sloković, Sonje Kovač, Csille Barath Bastajić, Sare Lustig, Anamarija Percajić, Željka and Ružica Bebek and many others.

The designer has presented a collection of colors, lace and romance that delivers and defines every Larie collection. With color, there are stripes in modern versions of suits reminding the Navy from the beginning of 20. century.

In addition to the color, which prevails in purple, blue, red, brown, white and green in a variety of romantic designs, the designer also played with models - dresses made of 7 meters of pure silk, "x" skirt made of "full circle" wheels and unavoidable suits , a well-known female Larie treat is now well known. Impressive boutiques, coats, and bathrobes make this collection completely different, while edge lace is linked from model to model. We are sure that beautiful black long and short dresses made of handmade material will be a real treat for many domestic fashionistas.

The next show at Fashion Week Zagreb / ​​Cro a porter is a fashion brand Twins on Tuesday 29. November, and to the New Year will be presented another dozen fashion designers.