I will tell you about Drenjak's forest, why it was the most popular resort of Kozari Boka and Puteva, why it is my most beautiful memories, but why at the same time I have very creepy memories.

However, to get to Drenk's forest, we have to walk past the playground to make it clear why this beautiful forest is all for me, it was terrible for me ...

On your way to school you have to pass the playground. For me, as a kid, it was a little distracting to me, but it came with an unobtrusive ease for the hand of a boy with blue hair and dark eyes who did not drop a basket ball from his hand. A selfish boy, strangely pale, nearly angelic, at that time, and not even later, did not know that it was the reason for a strong heart beat in my chest. On the other hand, I did not mind coming to him and let him know. Because it worked so unreal that I was scared to scatter like a soap bubble and disappear. You can always meet a boy at the playground, but in the "Drenkovo" -now.

Drenk's forest was an oasis on the edge of the quay, surrounded by a large meadows full of saffron and broad beech. On the weekend, the whole family was gathering on the fragrant ice, and a hand full of flowers went out of their house, the picking of which the law had not defended. The meadows were held by adults and fearful children of unkempt adventures. In the woods, however, only those who are less courageous have entered.

"Drenkova" was small, but dense, dark and inexpensive. I loved her just because she had the natural lilies and red fruit that she got her name. The lijans were, logically, inviting us to play Tarzan, and his role would usually get kids with "good status in society." Only such a girl could have been Jane. Although I was often honored to be Jane, it was not easy for me to see how the role Read regularly belongs to the kids who did not go to school or are poorly wealthy. However, when I pass through the quarters today, I meet many of the Readers who have succeeded in life, while Tarzan and Jane often touched the bottom ...

The dark foothills of the forest gave a line whereby the sunken locomotives were constantly worn. We, who were inclined to make the situation easy, made us think that the trapping of the trains was actually a lion's lizard's rush. They got a little more realistic in the locomotives and they rode around somewhere around Sisak. Everything smelled of tragedy. Climbing on wagons standing on the edge of "Drenkova" took their toll. Two boys older than me fell into the already mentioned line of courageous. The carriage of one of the wagons was made to the disabled by the end of life and the other did not survive. From that day, the guys from the quarters regularly diverged on the train by putting the stones on the rails, as Tihi and Prle did in "Return of the Wrong".

In addition to the lion and the green floral band, Drenkova did not offer anything nice. That he would become my darkest memory "took care of" the boy from the beginning of a story that one day simply disappeared. His lifeless body was found hanged in the middle of Drenk's forest. The one he never left.

No woods or boys have long since, and my memories have been buried in the foundations of the houses that have gone there.

Everything comes back only when I hear the passing of the train down here and there. The rocks are lazy, twisted, stones on the rail, and a boy who has failed to run for life on the rough streets of Kozari Boka.