Numerous Croatians, numerous party members from our neighborhood, but also the whole world - will be welcomed in Zagreb this year. Our city will be flying for the first time for the first time on the wings of a large multi-day electronic music festival, featuring performances of world DJ stars - Armina van Buuren, Sandera van Doorna, MoTi, Juicy M, Juliana Jordana and David Gravella.

Ten thousand foreigners, most Dutchmen, Germans, our neighbors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Slovenia, and those from far away Asian countries, are already a beauty smuggler in Zagreb. They will all dance in the Arena at Lanciano, within "Croatia Winter Music Festival" behind which, among other things, stands out "Ultra", one of the world's most famous electronic music brands that, apart from Split, and now in Zagreb, organizes festivals in Miami, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Rio, Buenos Aires and many other metropolises around the globe.

In addition to the main New Year's Eve, the party is expecting another six days or better - the night of music and dance, with DJs like R3haba whose Youtube videos have tens of millions of views and thousands of spearmint.

Within the "Croatia Winter Music Festival", which runs from 31. December to 6. January, will be held 2. and 3. January and "Zagreb Gaming Arena", intended for (a) video game lovers.

According to organizers, although music is the foundation of this and similar festivals, it is primarily a tourist event that will bring thousands of foreigners to deeper pockets in Zagreb. It is about multi-millionaires in terms of selling tickets, food and drinks, accommodation and everything else that young people wishing to spend good time spend. All this will take place at a time when it will last in Zagreb "Advent", and it would take some time to do it "Snow Queen", so that a part of visitors to Zagreb will stay longer.

Unfortunately, the organizers claim, we have not yet fully understood the magnitude and potential of this single event. They did not fully understand Splićani, and it looks like Ultra 2017. and the last Split or Croatian Ultra. We will only have this Zagreb edition of course, provided, of course, that everything is on the plan, as it is, they are reminded of the organizers, the huge money invested, the large organization and the many participants in it - from Ultre through the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Tourist communities to tour operators, caterers, hoteliers and others. If everything goes as planned, or if the Arena is "pleasantly" filled up and if we continue to cooperate well with the City and the Tourist Association, we will enjoy the Croatia Winter Music Festival in the coming years.

The "Ultra" of Zagreb, as some of the miles call it, will cost around 23 million, of which nearly eight million are costing DJs. For comparison, this year's Splitska Ultra has cost three times more. The City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board participate with about three million kuna.