Cartoons, song and joy, a whirling whirlwind, a smile on every side, a scent of waffles, pancakes, hot chocolate and various sweet products - so Rudolf waited for his small and big guests. And indeed, they were met by the real Rudolf, more precisely the mascot that the first day of the children did not give up for a second. Rudolf at Strossmayer Square remains to the end of Advent, always in the mood for socializing with his guests. In the week ahead, there are many surprises and happy moments waiting for you. In addition to the sweet offer of caterers preparing waffles, chicken nuggets, Czech specialty snacks, bananas, Dutch pancakes and many other delicacies, you also expect a rich program for both small and large.
kocija-RudolfFrom 14.30 you can bring toddlers face-to-face or horseshoes, and in the 18 class there will be a children's movie "The Secret of the Old Ceiling".
On Wednesday, she is screening the children's film "The Pure Quercus Society" also starting at 18 hours. Thursday is a special day for children and adults; art workshops for making Christmas greeting cards and jewelery, riding pony and face painting is just part of the rich content this Thursday! In the 18.30 hours, the children's choir "Pahuljice" will perform, which will sing the most beautiful Christmas songs, and for the 20 hours the comedy "Get Santa" is planned.



On Fridays at 17, the kids will have fun with the pins - a bag filled with desserts, raised high so that the children hit it one by one until it cracks. And when the pins fall and the candy falls on the floor, the children collect them and finally divide them. This fun game will surely be the highlight of joy.
From the 20 clock to the DJ desk comes Eduard Werft - the great Croatian funk delegation!

Saturdays and Sundays since the morning, from 10 hours, are filled with various events; horseback riding, art workshops, face painting and performance "Šegrt Hlapić" starting at 13 hours. Also, children's cartoons and movies will be shown on the stage, and on Saturdays from 16 you can learn the lessons at the Smart Corner by Da Vinci Learning TV.