From the multimedia center of the cinema "Student Center" invite you not to miss the three great film programs this week, from the film analysis of the works by V. Kristl, ILGalete and A. Hušman, through the ultimate movie about teenage films "Beyond Clueless" to the first feature documentary about creating video game "Indie Game: The movie".

All screenings are free and more information is available at

30. November from 19.30 are scheduled for screenings of three major Croatian short films with their interpretation through the words of three great film critics, filmologists and theoreticians. Višnja Vukašinović, Mario Kozina and Hrvoje Turković, together with youth and experience, will talk about the films of the Government of Christ (Madeline, Madeline), Ivana Ladislava Galete ("Water Pulla 1869 1896") and Ane Hušman ("Nearly nothing" linking 50's years of Croatian film history. 1. December of 19.30 we are watching the Croatian premiere of "Beyond Clueless", a unique film composed entirely of clips from more than 200 teenage movies considered the genres of this genre. Along with the velvety voice of narrator Fairuze Balk, star of the movie "Dangerous," director Charlie Lyne leads us to travel through the mind, body, and soul of teenage movies. Simultaneous deconstruction of all clichés as well as a guide through the best and worst Hollywood filmmaking films, Beyond Clueless is the ultimate movie about teenage films.

Both projections are part of the "Short Pictures" project, which through four different program units ("Out of Focus", "Extended Image", "Short 25 FPS", "Short Round"), dedicates attention to innovative film streams, contemporary productions as well as classic achievements. We look at the film's analysis within the Runde short-devoted Croatian short film, and "Beyond Clueless" is part of the "From the 25 FPS Short Base".

"Indie Game: The Movie" (directed by Lisanne Pajot, James Swirsky) is the first feature film documentary about creating a video game. The film focuses on those with less chance of success in the video game industry, indie developers, who sacrifice money, health, and common sense to make their dream come true - sharing their vision with the rest of the world. "Indie Game: The movie" is a film about a creative process and its own exposition through its work. It is a journey with which many filmmakers, creators, artists, entrepreneurs and many others can connect in the digital age. The film is scheduled for 2. December in 21: 00.