The Indictment Panel of the Osijek County Court on Tuesday confirmed the Uskok's indictment against former leader Dino Zdravko Mamić, who is charged with having damages for almost 116 million kuna with his brother Zoran, former director Damirom Vrbanović and the tax collector Milan Pernar, and the state budget for 12,2 million.

Mamić said after the indictment session that the indictment was confirmed because the defendants of the defendants made a precedent and that, apart from the withdrawal of appeals before the Supreme Court, all the objections were filed at the previous session of the indictment.

"All we did was make the process go as soon as possible, to find the truth in the court as the only place," said Mamic. He argued that this was "a politically initiated process based solely on evil structures" and that he wanted a quick and fair trial in his name and his brother's name, during which he would tell the truth of the process.

County Court spokeswoman Miroslav Rožac told reporters that the indictment was fully confirmed. After the decision to pay the parties to the proceedings, the first-instance judge will be appointed and within two months a preparatory hearing will be convened to decide on the Prosecution and Defense proposals and the date of the beginning of the trial.

Uskok Mamic in this case charges that by withdrawing money from Dinamo, he illegally earned at least 52 million kuna and his brother Zoran for unlawful property gain of 38,1 million kuna, for which reason they proposed the seizure of the so-called " unparalleled benefits.

In all cases from Dinamo allegedly drawn over 270 million kuna

Against Zdravko Mamić, new investigations were initiated for the withdrawal of money from Dino, which he allegedly damaged for his co-defendants for a total of more than 270 million kuna.

After Uskok expedited the investigation for the third time in Donetsk in February, Mamic resigned to duty at that club.

And this investigation was initiated on the basis of the Tax Advisor's findings, and as in the previous prosecution doubts that Mamic and others have been organized into a criminal association to get the money from transferring Dinamo players abroad.

Along with the former executive president of Dinamo, and the third by the Uskok investigation, as well as the other, were his brother Zoran, son Mario, former managing director and board member of Damir Damir Vrbanović, and entrepreneurs Igor Krota and Sandro Stipančić. The only "new suspect" not mentioned in previous investigations is the manager Nikki Vuksan, "reports HINA.