On Tuesday, 29. November's Dirty Old Shop and the "Vintage Industrial Bar" give you a concert of the pioneering "The Toasters" band. "The Toasters" is the classic American rock band, a band rocked by 5.000 concerts all over the world, and has been promoting rhythms for more than 30 years. Last time they were in Zagreb last year when they promoted the new single "House Of Soul". The entrance is free.
On Thursday, 1. December "Vintage Industrial" is preparing the first treat for fans of Yugoslav rock 'n' roll. Legendary "YU Group" after a little under two years will re-enter the stage of the Zagreb Rock Club.

"Yu Group" is considered the longest-running rock band from Serbia. Their title is the pioneer of combining rock music with traditional Balkan elements.
They were founded today by 1971, and all of them this year went to the celebration of a great jubilee, where they played a number of celebrated concerts throughout the former Yugoslavia under the slogan '45 years of pure rock' n 'roll'.
In addition to the 45 celebration. birthday, "YU Group" published an album titled "Here I'm Here" in collaboration with PGP RTS in April this year. From this full-fledged, hard-rocked hard / rock blues album, three singles have been cast and their video clip "Panika", "Ko" and "A bank is 7" are accompanied by them.
Current position of YU Group includes Dragi Jelić, Žika Jelić, Petar Jelić and Slobodan Jurišić.
Ticket price for YU Group 1.12 concert. in "Vintage" amounts to 70 kn for pre-sale while on the day of the concert the price of the concert will be 90 kn. Pre-sale tickets can be obtained at "Vintage Industrial" and "Kavez" (Savska 160) and in the Dirty Old shop (Tratinska 18).

On Friday, 2.12. starting at 22 hour, performs "Strength" - the Pantera tribute band in Zagreb, returning to the "crime scene" within 12. the anniversaries of the death of guitarist Dimebaga Darrella Abbotta.
Darrell Lance Abbott (Arlington, Texas, 20 August 1966 - Columbus, Ohio, December 8), known as "Diamond Darrell", "Dimebag Darrell" or simply "Dime" was an American musician, founder of Pantera.
He also played in "Damageplan" and "Rebel Meets Rebel", and was the younger brother of Vinnia Paula Abbott drummer. He is considered one of the most influential guitars of modern heavy metal, and Guitar World magazine readers have been proclaimed the seventh best heavy metal guitar player of all time.
8 passed away. December 2004. after shooting at Columbus.
"Strength" is made up of four young men, and members of well-known metal metal bands, who are listening to Pantera from elementary school days and who have made tribute to the accomplishments of this heavy metal institution and with their set of songs from the greatest hits of all their favorite Texas band leave nobody indifferent. The ticket is 20 kuna, 10 for students.
Sharpen the mammoth, open the whiskey and prepare yourself for a Texas massacre with heavy riffs!

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"Ekatarina Velika" or "EKV" was one of the most famous and most successful rock groups in a very short period of 1982. - 1994. when the frontman Milan Mladenović died.
The group was created by 1982. in Belgrade, when the singer and guitarist of the "Šarlo akrobata" group, which shortly before that split, Milan Mladenović and guitarist Dragomir Mihajlović Gagi founded the "Katarina II" band.
The band has changed members several times, all of which are responsible for the discography that is still among the listening songs of both old and young. "IQV" ("EKV REAL TRIBUTE") established 2000. year in Rumi. He deals with the interpretation of the songs of the cult Yugoslav group Ekatarina Velika.
The aim of the band is to get closer to the younger generations at least a fraction of what could be heard at the performances of "Ekatarina Velika", but also the remembrance of older generations to something that was valuable in this area. Slove for the best EKV tribute band. The start of the program is in 22 hours, and the start of the show in 23.30. The ticket is 20, and for students of 10 kuna.