In the gallery "ULUPUH" in Tkalčićeva 14, on Tuesday 6.12. in 19 Hour, an exhibition of Sasha Ćetković's "Like It" opens.

Photographer Saša Ćetković conceived the project "Like Him" ​​as a series of 14 photos that consist of his photographs and those of his father, famous photographer Joze Ćetković (1940 - 1986.). The first five photos in the series are Joze Ćetković and the other nine Saša Ćetković. "I had a unique privilege to live with a dad who was a phenomenal photographer and my greatest model in the work," says Saša Ćetković, an affirmed photographer today.
His father at the end of his life, in the hospital bed, said, "Be brave and better than me in photography." Exposing his work with his fathers demanded, he admits, quite courageous, and he dared to dive at this exhibition, which devoted his father to his 30 anniversary

"Saša Ćetković's photography project" Like Him "is his personal life story, in which two themes are interwoven. One is the theme of the father and son dedicated to the same profession; father mentor and son whose father is a model, educator and expert counselor, who opens the door to the picture and supports him in an effort to continue his footsteps. The theme is communion, presence and communication. The second, which is intertwined with the first and emotional color of the whole story, is the theme of breaking up - the fathers' death, departure and interruption of physical communication. But also the establishment of new, in some spiritual, celestial spheres. Although here are, of course, clearly noticeable features of individual expressions and both authors, we in this authoritarian duality
we discover in this context and similarities. These common lines now talk about the selected photos of this project; from one of the most distinctive and most famous motives of one and the other author. The motives that determine them and which are in some way a metaphor for their creativity: from the acts of Joze Ćetković and the landscape of Saša Ćetković. With all the author
individuality, combined with the synthesized purity of the visual arts, the complexity and purity of the form, the compositional simplicity as well as the painting intonation (in Joze Ćetković, drawing drawings and graphics, and in Saša Ćetković painting). Cleanliness, simplicity and simplicity, unmistakably and best describe the female acts of Joze Ćetković and the landscapes of Saša Ćetković. Likewise, the miraculous geometry of the act with Joze Ćetković finds its pandan
in the thoughtful landscape geometry of Saša Ćetković, and the decomposition of the motifs by light and its deconstruction and transformation occurs, perhaps by different methods but by a similar way of thinking in both photographers; both in father and son. For the same is a research photographic passion, written in the family genre of both authors, "wrote Višnja Slavica Gabout in the accompanying catalog.

At the opening ceremony will be a music venue featuring Petra Lovrec,
soprano; Ane Zelic Kerep, soprano, accompanied by Kristine Bjelopavlović Cesar at

The exhibition will be able to look up to 16. December, on working days from 10 to 17 hours,
Saturday from 10 to 13 hours. On Sunday and the holidays the gallery is closed. Entrance
at the exhibition is free.


About the authors:
Saša Ćetković was born 1968. in Zagreb, where he completed the School Applied
art and design at the Department of Photography. The Third Generation of Photographers in
the family who dedicated the photo. Cooperates with leading advertising
agencies and the Croatian Tourist Board. He works as an official photographer
"HNK" in Zagreb (1994. - 1995., 2012. - 2013.), Where he recorded opera, ballet and
dramatic performances and portraits of their protagonists. In a newspaper photo
works as the editor of the photo of the monthly "Filipovo bebe" (1998.), the weekly magazine for
women "Lady" (1999.) and the political weekly "Focus" (2000. - 2004.) and as
a photographer of the monthly "Mens Health" (2004.), a women's magazine "Viva" (2004.),
of the political weekly "Globus" (2005. - 2006.) and business magazine ""
(2007. - 2013.). He is a professional associate of "Digital Photo" magazine (2010.), A photographer
weekly "Telegram" (2015.) and the weekly "Gloria" (2014. - 2016). He is a member
"ULUPUH" -a.

Jozo Ćetković was born 1940. in Old Bar, Montenegro. Year 1957. comes in
Zagreb, enrolls in a five year School of Applied Arts, Department
photos. That same year he exhibited himself in the Old Bar. Already 1958.
he joins the "Fotoklub Zagreb" and begins to exhibit at group exhibitions. On
School of Applied Art, Department of Photography, matures 1961. years.
Photograph of Yugoslavia is awarded to him by 1963. the title of Master
photos, and 1964. becomes a member of the Association of Fine Artists
applied arts of Croatia ("ULUPUH"). International Federation for
Photographic Art (FIAP) is awarded to him by 1967. honorary title
ARTIST - AFIAP of the Federation of Photography, at 1971. years
honorary title EXCELLENCE - EFIAP of the Federation of Art Photography.
Having obtained the title EXCELLENCE-EFIAP means that it has met high criteria,
participating in 30 international exhibitions under the auspices of FIAP
and had 250 accepted photos in photo salons throughout
world. Jozo Ćetković died in 24 in Zagreb. August 1986. years.