It is badly written on the trees in Gajeva. Soon the Zrinjevac workers would have to get rid of piles and axes. There were protesters activists of the "Green Action" protested this morning, wanting to save them, but it seems that the decision has already been made and that the only question is when the trees will be cut.

Activists of Green Action say that several sources from the City Administration have been given information to go with the demolition of trees in that street. Fingers of responsibility are imposed both in the mayor of Milan Bandic and in the works of Gajeva - the company "Pionir" from Zagreb. As the works that last for months have finally come to an end, it is evident that the road level will be somewhat lower than it has been so far. It is not a problem in itself, but the problem is because of the trees whose roots are now thick over the road. It's not aesthetically nice, and it's not good for statics and the health of the trees themselves. The contractor has done his job badly, they consider activists.

Zrinjevac's leader Igor Toljan recalled the fears of activists. He says that the trees at Gai have no future. But he is the one who thinks of the tree itself, or claims that their roots have begun to dwindle and become a danger to pedestrians and cars.

Controversial to all of this is a bit strange Conclusion of Mayor Bandic, with which all the trees in Gajeva are embossed. Amongst other things, it stands to defend any kind of demolition of trees on that street. Further, in the Conclusion is mentioned the squirrel who comes from Medvednica, jumping from tree to tree, to come to Jarun, so many doubt the authenticity of this "Bandic Conclusion" ie they think it is about the work of an unknown activist who is thus trying to fight self-sufficiency Zagreb Mayor. Neither Toljan, he says, has heard of Bandic's decision.

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The counters in Gaca, apparently, sent her away. Whether the worksman's mistake, whether accidental or intentional, is the trees really sick, as the head of Zrinjevac says, or is another vision of the mayor of Milan Bandic, we will see it very soon.