Did you know that the bounty hunter is a team of people who help animals all over the world, break up dogs fighting dogs, fight against bullies, and have zero tolerance to animal abuse?
They say they did not choose the bajkers' lifestyle, but he chose them ...

The City of Zagreb and MC Hollister, a breakaway club from Trešnjevka, teamed up with forces and together made a calendar for "Stop and Think! Udomi! "For 2017. year. The recording was attended by a caterer, a veterinary technician, a chef, a programmer, a professor, an entrepreneur, a member of "MENSA", a postman, a former diamond finder; interesting and noble people to whom this is not the first and last time to engage humanitarianly.
A large number of motoclubs are engaged in humanitarian work - renovating homes, bringing children to hospitals and collecting assistance for socially vulnerable. Long beards, hair wrapped in plaits and tattoos, only outlined the people who rescue animals from the road and have pets themselves, whose photos are held on cell phones and show them all in a row. Dogs got new friends, ran with engines, sniffed down repair workshops, got a lot of treats, and spent an unforgettable time in unusual places in town.
Their wish is that everybody on the eve of the holidays will give their love to the abandoned animals and invite the citizens to their future pet! Come to the shelter, because there you will feel the great love of hundreds of dogs waiting for you to take them to a new home, "the whores say.