In Milan City Mayor, Milan City Mayor Milan Bandic received President and CEO of "Northern Compass Group" by Marko Begich, former Senate of the Alaska American Alliance, of the Croatian roots, from Lika.

The former senator is staying in a two-day visit to Zagreb as part of the "EBAN Winter University" conference 2016.

"As a former mayor of Anchorage, I understand the work of the first man of the city, and I must especially point out that I am impressed with what I have heard and seen this morning at the opening of the largest European business angel conference and conference investor," Mark Begich said.

Thanking the guest for finding time to visit Zagreb, Mayor Bandic called on him to go to Zagreb center where these days the Advent event in Zagreb began.

In memory of the meeting in Zagreb, Mayor Bandic gave the guest the sculpture of Lot Lottery and the monograph of Zagreb, and Mark Begic returned him to a typical Christmas souvenir from Alaska - a beech bears, conveyed by