Resignation of Juroslav Dragun, communal and traffic chief, unification of all city governors, including ZET controllers and the establishment of the Council for Civilian Control of Video Recorders - the requirements of the HSLS Zagreb, with which they attend a session of the City Assembly on Thursday.

Resignation of the first man in the traffic and communal courier HSLS are seeking because he was caught in the offense a few days ago - parked a car in the pedestrian zone. It is unacceptable, Ostojic believes, to be the first among city officials to do such things. Even worse, when we see it, he adds that the clerks train hard on florists on the Flower Square, and look through their big fingers, like the Croatian Telecom. Thousands of public telephone booths, he says, are in a disastrous state, while in the Decisions on the Communal Order clearly states that they must be in a neat, functional and correct state.

It suggests Ostojić Bandic and that the bureaucratic seizure service or ordination caught in the misdemeanor - awarded the City of Zagreb Award.

He thanked the traffic managers at traffic intersections at some of Zagreb's intersections. That is, says, a big step forward because the traffic cops are relieving them, and the traffic police are finally doing their job. But that is not enough, he believes. It is necessary to unify all city authorities and ZET controllers into a single city line. This is also a prerequisite for giving greater authority to the rulers. Now they have to be a policeman to identify the perpetrator's identity or keep it.

It is time for a stronger step forward and the creation of a township, a categorical HSLS, and remembers that it was said before a year and a few days ago. Bandic's deputy representative Davor Štern also agrees to unite the ranks, but in the end everything is left in words and nice desires.

In the end, the surveillance camera, which at this time in the city is over four hundred, is touched. He believes that they must be used for all types of misconduct and not just traffic offenses and that citizens must have access to these cameras. That is why he will seek the establishment of the Council for Civilian Control of Video Recorders.