On Saturday, 3.12. in 11, 00, in Tkalciceva 80, is the first public postcard "Tesla-Croatia" to be set up with 2016. year in which the world was marked by 160. years since the birth of Nikola Tesla, the man who came to Earth and entered 2017. year of great events. Large public postcard throughout the day, all the way to 31.12. the organizers enable Zagrepčank, Zagreb and all visitors to send their photographs from the heart of Zagreb to the world, shine on social networks and send positive wisdom to Tesla with energy throughout the world.

The project was realized in cooperation with Pharmacy on Duty for the purpose of enriching the Zagreb tourist offer and encouraging the visibility of Tesla in Croatia. Just come and join the very interesting Croatian picture, for the first time associated with Nikola Tesla and encourage the promotion of Croatia and Croatian cities with a photo that you share with your friends to your friends. Croatia is the land of man who has taught the world, the man who gave life to the advancement of mankind, from the field of innovation, healthy life and movement, hygiene and healthy nutrition.


Tesla is the man who invented 20. and 21. century. Get involved in the popularization of Tesla and Croatia right from the heart of Zagreb's Tkalča. Zagreb is the starting point of Tesla's tourist route to Croatia, and awaits you with a series of surprises, thoughts to bring you these interesting prize games.
The postcard is mobile, will be set up only during the day and will be the popularization of Zagreb, Tesla and Croatia and is an introduction to 2017. year. At the Gavella 24.5 Theater. the Croatian premiere of theatrical performance "Tesla Anonimus" is being prepared, the first public prime minister 10.7 is planned. in front of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb and in early autumn 2017. and the premiere of the English version of the play. Zagreb is the starting point and the inspirational starting point of everything that Tesla and Croatia mean in a tourist, cultural and innovative context.