It's no secret that pancakes are one of our favorite desserts in our area, which a few months ago proved to be an extremely successful first Pancake Festival in Zagreb. Continuing this sweet story we will be able to experience soon after, as the second, this time, the Pancake Festival of the Winter, which will be in the very center of Zagreb, from 17. to 30. December 2016. offer all sweet cheeses to delicious delicacies.

Along with the rich assortment of pancakes of world recipes, in the beautiful Hotel Dubrovnik, on the Ban Jelacic Square you will be able to enjoy a variety of sweet and salty delicacies, warm chocolate, tea, boiled wine and a rich offer of Christmas New Year gifts for loved ones.

Full-day music and entertainment that will enjoy hours, with a view of the dotted square, are baiters that will make many people wear their jackets and instructions just in the heart of Zagreb.