Drazen Petrovic Basketball Center will again be 9. December at 20 hours to be full duplicate on 11. according to the traditional concert by Tom Bridal and the Intrade singer.

All tickets for the concert were sold out in advance in 10, so that Zagreb once again showed the "Intrade" dungeons to be urban pets.

"We are grateful for the love that our audience is always overwhelmed and we can hardly wait to meet with her in Zagreb! After "Arena", "Lisinski", "Doma sportova", this year we are here again at Dražen Petrović's home. We've been here twice and it's always been nice, this hall is made for concerts where the audience together with the singers sing. We are ready and we are waiting for our faithful audience to sing all our best songs together. Ladies and gentlemen only for you - "Intrade" and the choir "Cibona", Tomislav Bralic said at the great concert in Cibona, where guests like Miroslav Škoro and one of our best tenors - Marko Škugor will join them as guests.

For more than a decade, the concert by Tomislav Bralic and the band "Intrade" is an unforgettable event for all fans of the klapa song. Since the first concert in "Lisinski" 2006. the klapa recorded an incredible success story that created the new "sound of Dalmatia" and achieved unimaginable success for a single klapa. They packed all stadiums, sports halls, conquered neighboring countries, had a tour of the US and Canada, Australia, Europe ...

After appearing in almost all the biggest halls in Zagreb, the klapa decided this year for Cibona because of its more intimate atmosphere. Their fans will be greeted with great hits, including the latest song "I can not stop you" with which they won the second prize of the audience and tops of all the top music charts at this year's Splitska Festival.

Inevitably, they are also a "missed view", "Zora was", "Why a beer drink", a "Friend" and many other hits that will always make the perfect Tomislava Bralić and Intrade kings perfect for the most magical month of the year.