In the Croatian cinema 8. December comes the long-awaited Christmas comedy Snjezana Tribuson "All the Best" with Ksenia Marinkovic, Ozren Grabarić, Goran Navojc, Bogdana Diklić and renowned mezzosopranistic Renata Pokupić in the main roles.

The act of the film is set at Christmas time, when everybody wants everything best, and in it intertwines the fate of a lonely confectioner Verica (Ksenija Marinković) who long ago dropped the quest for "the real one", Brankica (Renata Pokupić), a world-famous opera singer disappointed in love and charismatic baritone Martina (Ozren Grabarić) who is recovering from marital shipwreck.

In addition to the aforementioned protagonists, Ljubo (Goran Navojec), two nurses (Ksenija Paić and Dora Fišter Toš), who are trying to understand how the male brain works and Tomo (Bogdan Diklić), the farmer is very much involved in a series of comic love affairs. unusual talents. It is unlikely that there may be a group of cockroaches, hymns and an opera arias, but in this story it is quite so.

"I wanted to make a film about ordinary benevolent people who, at Christmas time, are troubled by the problem of loneliness. Since I was writing the script, I liked the characters that appeared on paper and began to sympathize with them, I wanted them to do their best in Christmas sadness for Christmas. The scriptwriter has the power to manage events and characters, and I used that power in favor of my characters and gave them a happy ending. True, they had to partially have to fight themselves - to overcome scams, disappointments, illnesses, poisonings and hospitals, and sometimes even sing when they did not have the song, but in the end they succeeded in earning a beautiful and happy Christmas, "she said. director Snježana Tribuson.

The script and film director is signed by Snježana Tribuson. Director of photography is Goran Trbuljak, editor of Marina Barac, and composer Dinko Appelt.