Due to the execution of works on the roadway construction, Ivana Kukuljević Street on the part of Radnicka Street to the British Square, on Friday, 2.12. from 8 hours to Monday 5.12. to 4 hours, will be closed for all traffic.

During the works in question, traffic will be blocked by I. Kukuljević Street on the part of Kozarčeve to Pantovčak Street.

The offshore route will be:
Ivana Kukuljevića (north) - Zelengaj - Pantovčak - Hercegovačka - Vinogradska - Ilica and vice versa.

In the city they note that due to the works in question, traffic from the Vladimir Nazor Street and the Pantovcak Street to the Street of Ivan Kukuljević will be disabled and vice versa.

Directions for Bypass:

Vladimira Nazora Street - Tuškanac - Streljačka - Mesnička - Ilica and further in the west direction. or

Ulica Vladimira Nazora - Tuškanac - Gornje Prekrižje - Pantovčak - Hercegovačka - Vinogradska - Ilica.

They also ask Citypeople to pay attention to temporary signaling, and prays for patience and understanding of possible traffic difficulties.