After last week's forced interruption of concert promotion by KSET police, the "Space" group decided to hold a new promotion of the album "Male Lies". The promotion will be held again at Tuesday's XETUMX School of Electrical Engineering (KSET). December starting at 6: 21 hours.
"Little lies" is the third studio album "The Universe" that has been acting on the music scene for the past five years. It is a top-of-the-line indie guitarist pop-rock with subtle elements of the American, and is characterized by quality lyrics by Zvonko Obajdin, whose main motives are love, transience and everyday life.
On their new album, Tina Ujevic and his "Face Facing in the Universe," including Vjekoslav Majer and his "Snow." Along with the songs from the album, "The Little Lie", the Universe will perform and perform with their previous studio albums "Space" and "So Strongly".

Recall that last week the police broke off the event, not taking into account the program and concert of the "Space" group that took place at the Zagreb Club of Electrical Engineers, a club that, to make the bizarre situation even bigger, received the Croatian Music Union a special contribution on the same day home scene in 40 years of action. Special pressure was made on the group and the organizers of the concert because it was demanded that by accident there was no tax-abolished state. It turned out that the group was playing for free, and inspectors found that 25% was zero zero, which in the end did not stop the country. So a complete failure of action, of course, the cost of taxpayers.