This December, the Upper Town is spreading a delightful holiday atmosphere - in the upper yard courtyards and the "Yards", the Advent wonders. After repeated requests and numerous queries, the "Courts" now welcome numerous visitors and in the new Advents edition!

On the first day of the event, on Saturday, 3.12. "Courtyards" open at 17 hours. By Friday 23.12. "Courtyards" are open every day from 17 to 23, exceptionally on Saturday 10.12. and 17.12. from 10 to 23 hours. Numerous "Yard" friends will be accommodated in as many as five locations. It is about some well-known and favorite venues such as the palace Balbi (Staroslavenski institute) in Demetrova 11 or the private courtyard of the Milovac family in Opatija's 19. But there are even three novelties: the atrium of the Zagreb City Museum at Opatija 20-22, the Atrium Palace Amadé (Croatian Natural History Museum) in Demetrova 1 and the palace Vojković-Oršić-Kulmer-Rauch palace in Matoševo 9.


Hidden in the winter idyll of the Upper Town, adorned with warm, warm, intimate and romantic, soaked with smells and tastes of winter, cinnamon, cloves and cooked wine, brandy and small sweet snacks filled with Christmas tones and live music with lots of fun, good wishes Happy - The "Courtyards" offer a special, different and intimate Advent adventure that you have not experienced in the holiday season!

Every yard within the event will feature its unique and unique Christmas story this December becoming an ideal place for fun and socializing.

For each one there will be some reason why the "Yard" is recognized as "the best urban entertainment" and "project with the soul", so the organizers say: "Dress up your hottest boots and put on your favorite woolen gloves, and" Yard " take care of everything else. "