Although Gaeva was supposed to be open by mid-November, mayor Milan Bandic only left yesterday the traffic that crawled over the renovation and change of 120 years of old installations. The City Office for Spatial Planning, Construction of the City and Construction had an ambitious plan: the first phase was envisaged by 16.9. and included works from Mihanović to Street B. Trenka. The second stage of the work should start with 19. September at 8 hours on the part of Mihanović to A. Hebranga Street, while in the third phase, the beginning of which was planned 22. September, in 8 hours works extend to part of Gajeva from Mihanović to Tesla Street. But the works were dead and thick.

"I thank all the employees of the designing companies and their associates who coordinated this," said Mayor Bandic with excitement for traffic crowds and gratitude for patience, explaining that these works could not be done in the summer months because the competition was not finished.

As we have heard on the spot, a new traffic regulation has been established in Gajeva ulica - a common traffic of cyclists with motor vehicles on the roadway in such a way that bicycles allow the same movement on the road (right-hand carriageway) as well as drivers of motor vehicles.
In addition to works on roads, works were carried out to replace the existing municipal installations, namely: City Gas Plants Zagreb replaced the existing gas pipeline on the east side of the road along with all the domestic connections while the Water Supply and Drainage as part of its investments reconstructed the water supply pipeline with all household connections.
As part of the works, the existing pavement construction was completely removed from thicknesses 38 to 61,5 cm. By changing the traffic solution, a "sharing space" was introduced on the roadway for cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles, and the bicycle trail will not be set up on the eastern footpath. The works were also covered by two-sided walkways, parking spaces and pedestrian corridors of length 638 meters on the total surface of 11.000 m2. The west foot sides are embedded at a height of 3 cm in relation to the roadway joints to allow for easier parking of the vehicle. The level of the road did not change. Work on the roads took place at stages, where at each stage the pipeline was first connected with the connections, and the pipeline with the connections was followed by the roadway arrangement.

The total value of all works is around 7 million.

In addition to the citizens who complained about the breakup of the papers, politicians also reported. Thus, the councilors of GČ Donji Grad HSLS responded a few days ago for the odds: "Have they been for so long for the wrong assessment of city services and the mayor or for objective reasons? Construction work that should be completed in a month unfortunately in the City of Zagreb often lasts for months. Should the priority of carrying out works in the city center due to the financial losses of business entities and the City of Zagreb as well as traffic congestion, should be the speed of the realization of the works. Unfortunately, here we have been witnessing that companies engaged in these activities carried out their activities only for eight hours of work, and usually only during the working week. Is it possible to extend the workload and the length of the works further by vacant the city treasury under the VTR and the running costs? Due to the length of the works on the British Square and Gajeva Street, we would like to publicly announce all the costs, and to make a comparison between the bid amount and the difference between the total amount paid by the City of Zagreb / ​​Zagreb Holding and the Zagreb Roads towards the Contractors.
Zagreb hotel and hospitality companies as well as craftsmen and businesses operating in Ljudevit Gaja Street and on the British Square, respectively Pantovčak and Zelengaj, have suffered significant financial damage due to the blockade of access to their business capacities.

We were witnessing a car crashed by two French guides who followed the GPS on their way to the hotel "Dubrovnik". Let's ask what kind of image will the two tourists send to the world? Success in tourism is thorny and we do not jeopardize it unnecessarily, "concluded Darko Klasić, HSLS Secretary of the City of Zagreb, Dejan Bosak, President of the Tourism Council of the City of Zagreb" HSLS ", Alen Lochert of the HSLS Councilor - and GC Donji grad.

For the completed details of the rebuilding of Gajeva Street, the planned tree harvesting was planned. Fifteen days ago, trees were old and sick, cut down and replaced with shoots, and at the last moment they intended to visit the healthy trees that could decorate the street for years. But after reacting to "Green Action," the mayor chose to save the tree, allegedly because of the vernacular "to get from Medvednica to Jarun from a tree to a tree." Except that they will not travel, Bandic has decided that the workers should only pick up the juniper trees and replace them with larger ones, minimum height of 8 meters and a trunk of at least 42 centimeters.