"ProPuh" and the Comedy Club "Studio Smijeha" for the first time in Zagreb bring "Fuckup nights" - a night dedicated to the failure.

"Overwhelmed with information on professional success that motivates your motivation to justify the achievement and concealment of failure, we decided that the ultimate moment to look at the second part of the medal," the organizers say.

Considering that we should open space to each other, and ourselves to talk about failures as normal steps on the professional path, but also the support-intensive events that provide valuable insights, they decided to bring 2.12.2016 into the 20 lessons at Laughter Studio.

The comedy club "Studio laughter" is one of the few places where professionals who are confident and self-confident in public talk about their failure and "ProPuh" is a small company of great ideas that will just fail to celebrate its founding.

On the first evening guests will be welcomed by Marino Orsag, Tamar Puhovski, Djurdjica Markovic, Mark Kovacic, Matijevic and Aleksandar Kolarić.
Tickets are sold out in just a few days and expect a new evening soon!